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The Fight Between Self-Control and Self-Care

We've all had horribly busy weeks, riddled with school work and commitments, and when the weekend rolls around, you just want to plop on the couch and indulge in a some Netflix. 

For a while, it was Grey's Anatomy for me, then The Office, and now, Designated Survivor. At first, it felt good to just stop working and take care of myself. No work, no obligations, and no need to think. But, eventually, it felt too good. What had become a weekend indulgence, became a daily one. 

I'm not saying watching one or two episodes is bad but making it a pattern can lead to negative effects. We all deserve a day here and there to take care of ourselves and prevent burn out. But, we also owe it to ourselves to keep ourselves in check and keep our ambitions fueled. For now, I've dialed it back to Friday's and Saturday's, but hopefully, I can find that fine line between self-control and self-care. 

My goals:

- Find a new passion project to indulge my time in

- Spend the same amount of time watching TV, and read a book to balance it out 

- Take care of myself.

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Ambitious and wanting more(food).

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