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The Effects of Global Warming Hit Russia Hard

Global warming is something that the majority of the world is only beginning to take seriously. This is despite the fact that the first protocols and agreements on the issue of climate change are older than online gambling. However, unlike online gambling which is fueled by greedy capitalists, there has been very little movement in tackling global warming.

The problem with global warming is that it results in global climate change. This means that the effects of pollution in one region of the world can be felt thousands of Kilometers away. But, sometimes the results are felt right where the problem is originating from.

By managing to corrupt our environment enough we have managed to make the weather of the entire planet go haywire. From the uncivilized jungles of Africa to the most sophisticated metropolis in first world countries, everyone is feeling the backlash of not taking care of our planet. Stay updated with what is happening in the world by visiting  and know your world.

Too Much Snow in Winter

It is not a secret that it snows in Russia during the winter. In fact, it is common knowledge that the country receives a little more chilling white fluffy powder than other countries. However this year the country received a month’s supply of snow over a couple of days. The damage caused by the snow, an expected weather phenomenon cost several millions of dollars across the economy. Only the online gambling industry recorded a boom in business during those days. This might be because of the NFL upset but we think it was because the people had more time to go online. The government was sending residents messages telling them to use public transport. And what better use of time commuting is there than to play real money gambling games

Russia has not been the only country that has been affected by the bizarre weather phenomenon. France, California and many other countries even in Africa have been badly affected by climatic changes within the usual seasons.Visit to be posted about climate change.

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1 comment

  • Danica
    10d ago

    Is there anything citizens can do to help global warming?

    Is there anything citizens can do to help global warming?

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