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almost 2 years Story
The Challenges of an Interior Design Business that Focuses on Bathroom Re-modeling

Re-modeling the kitchen and the bathroom is the most time-consuming, arduous and challenging part of renovating any house or apartment. The challenges, which interior design business focusing on bathroom re-modeling are facing, are often underestimated by their customers. They vary in terms of difficulty, labor and limitations such as deadlines, price tags and lack of enough bathroom space. Interior designers actually face commonproblems with both tiny and spacious bathroom floor plans when it comes to working on plumbing, fixtures, color schemes and other similar tasks.

Here are the most common, yet often overlooked challenges of any interior design business that focuses on bathroom re-modeling, whether it is for a full gut renovation from scratch or not.

Limiting the chances of mold built-up 

Mold, moisture and mildew are the natural enemies of every single bathroom out there. The job of a professional interior designer includes coming up with a solution that will limit the risks of mold built-up. This is made possible by using high quality materials and making sure no surface will trap excessive humidity. It is a serious challenge, especially for smaller bathrooms, but it’s a necessity in order to prevent unpleasant, unhealthy and unsightly mold. If a bathroom lacks windows or ventilation shafts, it only makes the designers’ job more difficult.

Plumbing installation issues

Plumbing installations are painful and tricky to deal with. If the interior design company doesn’t have professional plumbers at hand, they’ll need to work with extraneous contractors in order to make sure everything is carried out with precision. Plumbing installations are challenging when done poorly as fixing future issues might require demolishing tiles and fixtures such as toilet bowls, sink stands, shower stalls and bath tubs.

Drainage system issues

Re-modeling the bathroom and fitting every new detail with the current drainage system and the water supply pipelines is a major concern for every company in the branch. Fitting the openings of each fixture with the pre-existing drain and supply pipes often requires either getting custom fit fixtures or re-modeling and replacing of the existing pipelines. Neither of these options comes cheap and the latter one is severely time-consuming.

Re-doing the fixtures

Changing old fixtures like bathtubs and shower beds isn’t an easy task and sometimes it may require breaking up the fixture in order to fully remove it. Furthermore, in some cases properly sizing new fixtures according to the cabinets and the available space can become a nightmare unless they are custom fitted. On top of that trying to prevent water damage in the future when installing new shower stalls and bathtubs, is also a risky business.

Lighting installation issues

The lighting installation in the bathroom is trickier than in any other room. It needs to be waterproofed, whereas the light sources need to offer bright light and be positioned strategically. A thorough re-modeling of the current lighting installation in one’s bathroom can be problematic, time-consuming and perilous even for reputable experts, let alone for newbies without an extensive experience.

Matching the colors

Colors like black, blue and white are always classy when it comes to bathrooms, but designer colors have a tendency of lasting only for a few years. Trying to match fashionable color schemes with pre-existing outdated hues is always a challenge for interior design businesses focusing on bathroom re-modeling from all over the world. Even if every single color and shade in a certain bathroom must be changed, it still presents a challenge for companies as they must try to accomplish everything in their power in order for the color schemes to completely match the customers’ preferences and expectations.

Glossing over pre-existing tiles and installations

Not making a full gut renovation in the bathroom means simply glossing over the pre-existing plumbing, tiles and lighting installations. This can result in numerous problems in the near or distant future and when it happens, the customers often blame the company behind the re-modeling for not doing their job properly, even though the customers themselves had chosen the option of refreshing the bathroom instead of truly renovating it.

Working on a tight budget and a tight deadline are also challenging for every company out there. Moreover, one of the most common problems, which interior designers face when re-modeling bathrooms, is that the customers’ ideas aren’t applicable due to the fact that they cannot see their ideas from an experienced designer’s point of view. And the higher the customer’s expectations are, the harder it is for the designers to live up to them.

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