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The Call to Deeper Writing

I wrote in an earlier post how I wanted to write about things that matter. Those ideas are beginning to come to me and they require my attention and care.

I have heard that a beginner writer just writes and then sends the contents somewhere. Oftentimes, the result, as I have experienced, is rejection. Now, though, I am starting to get pitches approved and I am given opportunities that I cannot afford to mess up.

The result is that I am given access to a world of reading, writing and knowledge that I couldn’t have imagined in the past. In fact, I’m a little intimidated and overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of this world in my life. It’s like I can actually be part of the contemporary literary conversation (By “literary,” I mean nonfiction – not sure about fiction and poetry yet.)

I am learning how important the words I use are becoming – not just for the people who supervise my work, but also for the people who read my pieces. These words have consequences, so wisdom, confidence and caution are needed.

Within me, the ideas that I am coming across are deeper than I am used to writing. How do I write these ideas in ways that are accurate and comprehensible? How do I write in a way that opens me up, but also keeps me reasonably safe and minimizes harm?

There is a deep desire within many of us to receive gifts, both material and immaterial. Then, when the gifts come and we weren’t expecting them, there is a sense of surprise, awe, humility and gratitude. All of those feelings are taking place in my emotional graphs at the moment.

Deep breaths are needed for sure, but so is the awareness that life’s timing is not my timing, which means that I am ready to take these new steps and embrace the newness that is trickling into my life.

Stay tuned.

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