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Sheehan Tiffany
over 2 years California, United States Story
The Aldub Fever in The Philippines Takes Over the World

For the past weeks, twitter observants may have seen this hashtag trending almost everday: #ALDUB. There were couple of times when this hashtag trended on twitter worldwide (usually taking the top spot) and in the Philippines. It may seem normal for twitter users to recognize hashtags when the people involve came from the Hollywood like #DragMeDownMusicVideo or if it is an international issue. But some people may be wondering what this hashtag is all about. This article will give you an explanation on what is this hype is all about and why it has taken over different social media accounts here and abroad.

Let me give you a brief overview of what is ALDUB.

ALDUB is a phenomenal Filipino loveteam that started by accident. It is played by Alden Richards, a Filipino matinee idol and Maine Mendoza, an ordinary Filipina who was dug by the show’s staff to play Yaya Dub—the nanny of an “evil grandmother” who uses dubsmash to speak—hence, the birth of “Aldub”. This loveteam can be seen in Eat Bulaga!'s Kalyeserye (a series done live in the streets). From its first on-air showing, it has truly brought smiles and laughters to all Filipinos around the globe.

This loveteam started when Maine Mendoza zoned out of her character being the grumpy and ill-tempered nanny, when an unexpected character, Alden Richards was seen watching her doing her act. She became conscious of her dubsmashes (I bet everyone knows what the dubsmash hype is) and later on the two were teased together creating an unexpected and phenomenal chemistry on tv. What makes this loveteam extra phenomenal and extra special is that the two developed an on-screen chemistry even without meeting each other personally. Alden Richards is a main stay in the studio while you can find Maine Mendoza in different streets in the Philippines. 

Filipino critics say this phenomenon is a history in the Filipino television because of the intense build up of TV ratings compared to its rival noontime show. The two love birds haven’t met each other personally but they are able to create a lovable team up together leaving all Filipinos in different ages and status in life hooked in this Filipino show. Of course, we cannot deny the great laughter we get from the show’s co-hosts, Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros.

This Aldub craze started to take over the world through different social media and continued to cause commotion in everybody's schedule for the day. 

Yaya Dub and the whole gang of Kalyeserye conquering the front of page of Philippine Daily Inquirer

Kalyeserye takes over public transportations

Seems like these students will be late for class while watching Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye!

This small convenience store even closed for a while to watch Aldub in Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye!

The Aldub Fever has also infected many viewers outside the Philippines

To watch more of Kalyeserye Visit Eat Bulaga's Official Facebook Page:

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