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over 2 years Story
Thank You Taylor!

Hey Tay! My name is Brittany Doehrman and I've been a swiftie for almost 9 years now. I became at fan at 13 when I heard Love Story on the radio and you've changed my life for the better! 

The first time I ever saw you in person was at your 13 hour meet and greet! Crazy I know! We did not meet, however I was still wonderstruck that we were in the same room! The first concert I ever attended was the Speak Now World Tour! I'm from Indiana so I was super stoked to see you were coming to Indy (ON MY SWEET 16 NO LESS!!!). For the show my dad made me a sign using LED lights that read, "Sweet 16 Today!" By some crazy miracle you saw it and wished me a happy birthday during your pre-concert speech. I DIED DEAD! That was the best birthday I've ever had so thank you for that. 

The next time I saw you was on the Red Tour and my mom and I managed to get pit for that show! Oh my gosh you were amazing and I was so close and it's a night I will never forget!

Creepy, stalker moment here but since I only live an hour and a half away from Notre Dame I may or may not have went to see Austin in the 2nd play he was in. After the show I met him!! He was very sweet.

I managed to go to 2 1989 Tour dates! The first show was in Detroit where I met your mom! She is so nice! The 2nd date was in Indy where I met your mom again but this time she took my sister and I down to b-stage pit!!! I have a great video of her dancing to Shake it Off if you want to see it! 

And the most recent was just last week in Houston. Taylor Nation invited me back in December and I remember being completly speechless because I never get picked for things like that. I was also invited to the pre-party which was amazing and also where I met your dad! He was so nice and he had his handy dandy guitar picks to hand out! I'm going to be honest here but when they played the video of you talking at the party I legit thought you were gonna pop out somewhere and kill us all with your presence! My friends and I somehow managed to only be a few rows away from the stage. looked like you were having the time of your life up there and it was amazing to see you that happy. I hope this break you're on is everything you hoped it would be.

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for everything you do. Your music has helped me more than you know. Please don't ever change! Whenever you're ready to release new music I'll be here patiently waiting and I hope I get to meet you someday! Happy Valentines Day Taylor!

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    over 2 years ago



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