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Ten Reasons to go to a Big Ten School

1. Size Matters

I understand that not every student finds such a large school appealing, and yes it can even be overwhelming at times, but attending such a large school means countless resources at your disposable, meeting new people and new friends everyday, and finding things to not only match your interests, but establishing new ones! There is truly something for every student, so get involved! It may sound cliche, but take advantage of everything offered, and never limit yourself! Yes, I am "just a freshmen", but I am also a freshmen involved with the college newspaper, radio station, and joining a sorority, get out there! 

2. Football

Okay, that's a given at any Big Ten School, and yes even at Rutgers, football is something to be celebrated! We may not win every game, but our school spirit is always 10/10. Nothing beats spending the morning or afternoon getting dressed with your best friends, showing that school spirit, and then going to tailgate outside the stadium. Joining in on the chants, and stomping your feet to make the bleachers shake! Trust me, come football season, your friends from smaller schools will be knocking down your door to come visit! 

3. Diversity

Going to such a large school means immersing yourself in a widely varied and culturally diverse environment right outside your door. It's so funny to have your roommate be from the state over, but your dorm neighbor to come from around the world! Get involved in the various culture clubs, ask your classmates questions about their background, join in on cultural celebrations on campus! You never know when you might find yourself on the other side of the world, and you now have a college friend to visit. 

4. Academics

With so many resources at your disposable, and often a large research institution as well, big ten schools allow you the opportunity for that hands-on work experience and to make that often difficult transition from college student to working professional, oh so graceful. Seriously though, with so many different majors, concentrations, internships, and career services available, not only can you trust that you are getting a top-notch education, but you are paying for an quality investment in your future. 

5. Rivalry

Penn state and RU can still be friends right? Well, maybe not on game day, but one of the best parts about being a student here, not only is game day legendary, but all of the hype leading up to game day, everyone wants to join in, which makes the tailgates 10X better, and who doesn't get excited when all over campus you are screaming for your school, and bonding over the pride all students share. It's a feeling of camaraderie and excitement that is so contagious, every student should experience it! 

6. Health and Fitness

With so many students, you normally get top of the line amenities, so when it comes to your health and fitness, this is no excuse! Attending a school that is known for such prestigious Division 1 Athletics, whether you are representing your school in uniform on game day, or are simply working out for Spring Break, get to the gym and use that Olympic sized-swimming pool, or take advantage of the spa services provided, (treat yo self!) And, hey maybe the gym isn't for you? Sign up for a scuba diving course or rock climbing! There are so many unique, and fun ways to get active here!

7. Connections

Attending such tight-knit community, means there will be plenty of opportunities for internship connections, networking, and traveling the world to see where all of your classmates ended up! No matter which Big Ten School you attend, there is a special bond formed from one campus to the other, and even years later, you will still be arguing over who really won that last touchdown in the finals! 

8.  Greek Life

RU going Greek? (Sorry, I couldn't stop myself) Whether or not you see yourself joining the Panhellenic Community, any Big Ten School's greek Life is bound to be huge. If you want to join solely for networking connections, finding more friends, or just enjoying the night life, greek life means you will always have an active, and exciting environment to be a part of! It may be hard to find your place in such a large school, and greek life allows you to form these closer relationships, and find a home away from home!  

9. Study Abroad 

According to the Big Ten Academic Alliance Learning Mobility Benchmark,  

34,000 students from Big Ten Universities traveled internationally to study in 2016! That's amazing, and you know why? Big Ten Schools allow you to travel to so many different countries around the world, everyone can find somewhere to be excited about traveling to. As we discussed earlier, take that advantage of having such a diverse community one step further, and travel to a different country to study, and immerse yourself in the culture. Learn Italian while chewing on some cannolis in Rome, or study art in the Louvre! Don't let such a golden opportunity slip away.  

10. Your Legacy 

As listed above, there are so many amazing opportunities just waiting for you once you step foot on campus! Though the tailgates will eventually come to a close, and memories of midnight trips to the dining hall for a snack will soon fade, the legacy you leave behind will always remain. You will always find a home at your Big Ten Stadium, and you know you will want to revisit for every rival football game, maybe even bring the grandkids back one day! 

Enjoy your college experience wherever you wind up-it goes by so fast, make the most of it :) 

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