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Judith Davis
5mo New York, NY, United States Story
Stalked by a Another So Called Journalist

Hmm, like Beyonce next to the final lyrics go in "the song "Formation". "You know, you that bitch when you cause this conversation." Well, I guess its true.  I have really began to feel this way as a result of a recent situation.  

So about me, I am a writer, editor, content manager and entrepreneur.  I am also a "Girl Who Codes" really just HTML, but I was recently stalked by another writer/editor on social media trying to discredit me because I frequently repost press releases sent to me from PR contacts. Well, I do repost and I actually have the permission to do so from all of the companies and PR contacts I have and all who send material to me.  

I will repost and and sometimes write original for sites,  but with my schedule and other projects, it is not always possible or necessary to write an original post.  My contacts and professional connections know my background, so a repost  from me of their release on one of my sites can work and they are totally fine with it.  

So to the person, who wanted to discredit me, there is no need to really because all who I deal with know my experience and work ethic so that works for me.  Perhaps it is hard for this stalker to believe these are the contacts I have, but I have found if you treat people well and fairly, good things will happen.

So Beyonce, thanks for the advice and inspiration in your song.  I truly now know what you mean as you end the song "Formation with second to the final lyrics." They are so profound and by way, the song is a true favorite song of mine.  

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  • Rachel Borowicz
    Rachel Borowicz Software Engineer & Arts Philanthropist
    5mo ago

    Very powerful post. Thanks for sharing Judith!

    Very powerful post. Thanks for sharing Judith!

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I am a professional writer, web content manager, web producer and social media strategist who has worked for quite a few high profile brands as well as a few startup companies in my career.

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