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Katherine Blackett 48
Katherine Blackett 48 The Clumsy Gemini
7mo Washington, DC, USA Story
Spring Into Style: My Top 4 Spring Fashion Trends to Keep Your Eye On

During this time of year, it’s hard to imagine wearing anything but our favorite cashmere sweaters, but before you know it, spring will be greeting us with the pleasant sight of blooming cherry blossoms. As someone who has always had an interest in fashion, I like to keep track of the latest and upcoming trends for the following season, and finding a way to incorporate or adapt them into my own closet. Let’s take a look at the spring fashion forward trends gracing the runways!

1. Head to Floor Neutrals

Spring is notoriously the rainiest season of the year, so it’s the perfect time to add a long, trendy raincoat to your wardrobe. 

Pair it with an off-white button up shirt, pencil pants, and a neutral heel for an office appropriate look. Or throw it over a figure hugging pencil dress and heels with some gold accessories for an after hours cocktail outfit!

2. Mixing Patterns

This trend might seem a little out there for our more demure readers but I assure you there is a way you can effectively incorporate this into your closet! The common misperception is that while mixing patterns, each must be bold and colorful, when that simply is not true! While I do like to wear color on occasion, I am much more likely to reach for classic neutrals and silhouettes. One of my favorite looks, that I previously shared in my article, What’s In My Closet, is my black pinstriped resort pants, with my white pinstripe top. This look allows me to mix up patterns and stay up to date with the latest trend, but also to remain in my comfort zone. 

For those a little more bold, do not be afraid to throw some colors into it! I recommend choosing one neutral based pattern, and one brights based pattern that compliments your skin tone, or going with a monochromatic color scheme that allows the mixed prints to make their own statement!

3. Scarf/Paisley Patterns

While floral is the traditional print for spring wear, this year we see major fashion houses steering away from what has become the status quo for springtime fashion. Because spring is the season of rebirth and life, many want their clothes to reflect that, hence the floral print barrage. This year, I ask you to consider trying something new by seeking out scarf or paisley prints!

4.  Metallic Details and Prints

Another way the fashion industry is making an effort to stray from floral springs past is with metallic details and prints. This strategy allows any woman to make a statement with her wardrobe, while staying in her own realm of comfort because you can make as small or as large as a statement as you choose. For example, the more demure woman might simply choose a bold metallic necklace, or reach for the classic button up with a metallic detailing twist. This trend also is applicable to all generations of women because it is so fluid and can be used in all social and professional settings. 

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Katherine Blackett 48
The Clumsy Gemini

Beauty - - Brains - - Bravery -

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