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Spotting a Lumbersexual

We’re all aware of the ‘metrosexual’ urban man, in to shopping, fashion and women, but there is a new species of ‘sexual’ on the horizon. Take rustic, earthy cocktail, lumberjack, metrosexual and voila! The Lumbersexual! He’s all of the above but more rugged, manly, hairy and able to wield an axe. The last part could be a lie but this isn’t the Lumbersexual’s first appearance out of the woods…

They have been living amongst us for many years, growing manes of hair and perfecting their au-natural grooming, sometimes mistaken for a brooding hipster in search of a new definition of ‘man’. But how do we really feel about this latest male trend?

Denver Nicks described the style as perhaps an attempt to ‘reclaim masculinity’ prior to the 00’s stroke of sleek hair and squeaky clean baby face! We think it’s a blessing to find a man that doesn’t try too hard, because, let’s face it… guys that spend more time on their appearance than you? No-go zone. Too much cologne and we’re backing away towards the exit, too much gel means their idol is Ross Geller, too tight pants and we wonder if they’re ours. So in case it’s not blatantly obvious, here’s the 101 on how to spot a Lumbersexual! We hear the woods are a real adventure…


1 – The tremendously trimmed beard.

2 – The vibrant flannel checked shirt, fitting snug on high definition biceps!

3 – Slim fit jeans that rest on the buttocks…  no briefs often make a sneaky appearance.

4 – A glimpse of tanned skin (because they cut trees with an axe in the burning hot sun?) revealing rustic artwork.

5 – And heavy ground stompers to tie it altogether.

Being fully clothed never looked so good!

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