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Speak French Fluently: 7 Pro Tips To Improve Your Accent!

French is much more than just using the correct vocabulary and grammar. It’s about emphasizing on the proper pronunciation of the language by overlooking grammar mistakes.

Here are 5 ways how you can improve your French accent:

Watch The Movement Of Your Lips And Tongue:

Are your tongue and mouth trying to sneak-in where’s not wanting because of native accent? Then, train your mouth and tongue to develop a cleaner accent to move differently. Don’t let your tongue move much like it change when speaking English.

Unlike the English language, where the sounds of your mouth and tongue make sounds by using the first vowel sound and then move to second, French vowels are pure with no diphthongs or long sounds. In other words, the sounds in French are shorter, plus there’s no need for abundant tongue movement.

Try Tongue Twisters:

Try learning the complex French vocabulary by using tongue twisters. Virelangues or tongue twisters will keep your tongue limber so that you would not stumble or slow down while having a conversation in French.

Try saying “ Je Suis ce que je suis  et si je suis ce que je suis, qu’est-ce que je suis?” Repeat this sentence over and over without any understanding.

Read French Aloud:

Shortlist your favorite French phrases and read aloud, giving yourself the time to pronounce every word. This will make you think about what you are pronouncing.

In fact, reading aloud is also a great exercise for your mouth and tongue, as you will be able to absorb grammar, flow, and French sentence structure with ease. You can also record your work when you are practicing, so as to listen to what mistakes you are doing in speaking.

Listen To Spoken Words Or Have A Conversation With A Native Speaker:

Having a conversation with French people or French teacher can be the best way to smoothen your accent. Ask them to correct your accent and carefully look at how they speak.

You can even try online videos, audio recordings, or can listen to French learning tutorials to make your accent clear and your vocabulary correct. Give special attention to the phrases and words you want to learn to practice them later.

Back To The Basic Learning: 

Try learning from IPA, the International Phonetic Alphabet, which was invented to create a global and a standard system for transcribing every language. The IPA is completely phonetic, which means every symbol of French represents a sound to help you pronounce what you hear.

Of course, such learning might take some time; once you learn them, you will be able to learn and pronounce new words in French with ease.

Learn The Difference Between Consonants:

While the consonants in French might look similar to the consonants in English, these sounds have differed and mastered them will improve your French by bounds and leaps. The first difference between the consonant sound is known as alveolar consonants.

These sounds are,’ ‘n,’ ‘t,’ and they are pronounced with the tongue up on the roof of the mouth, just behind the top of the teeth. Another difference between French and English is of the sound ‘j.’  While in English, you pronounce ‘j’ as jump, in French ‘j’ is similar to the sound we make when saying ‘azure’ in English.

Master Intonations:

Mastering intonation is another most important thing in learning French. The French language uses rising and falling inflection to let speakers identify where they are in thought. A rising inflection is used when a thought is still in process and is not finished.

Further, since French inflection is not as strict as that of English, you don’t need to emphasize tone, like you do in English.

So, those were best and tried tips to make French accent easy and smooth.

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