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Saki Wang
8mo Ithaca, NY, United States Story
Some useful apps at CORNELL

Thanks Jenny for positing so many useful apps! I just feel like sharing some other useful ones on campus especially!

Don't have time to go out but want to get good food? Especially during this PRELIM WEEK

1. Ithaca to go

2. Grubhub

Tips: Ithaca To Go charges a bit more delivery fee than Grubhub

Need to get updated about course info?

3. Piazza

4. Blackboard

In case some of you don't know, there are apps of both piazza and blackboard, which are really convenient when you want to check something instantly!

Other Corenll-related apps that might be useful:

5. GET

I always embarrasinly find that my bursur account is out of money when I'm at the front of the laundry machine... And "GET" helps me restore money to my laundry account instantly...

6. Ride 14850

I think every one knows this one, although the schedule is not very accurate... but it's useful!

7. Cornell 161

It records 161 things you have to do at Cornell! You can put checkmark on events you have done and scroll to see if there are interesting things you want to try!

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