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12d Washington, DC, United States Story
"Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn"

Hello Moguls!

Sharing sacred knowledge that many already know, there are sycophants out there that get off on and love trying to control others due to the fact they can't even control themselves. Those kind can't hack it in life so they try their damnedest to bring others down who have and can. One will see this in abusers of varying degrees from every type of abuser from pedophile to domestic violence to common place bully to stalker, they love to attempt sabotaging people and ruining their lives because their own existences by choice are sh%^. It makes them feel powerful when really they're just sad befuddled imps. Some will call this a hater. How to know an enemy and quintessentially a hater? Very simple tell tale sign, they try to ruin everything good in a target of hatred's life be it an opportunity, every compliment, every career, every social event, every holiday, etc. They constantly try to show "I am better than you" when fact is they're terribly befuddled and sad beings. They get a target in mind and will go about trying to demolish it because they clearly do not have anything of value in their existences otherwise they wouldn't be so threatened by others lives that have 0 to do with their existence. Their whole existence wouldn't be consumed with destruction and "How can I get in someone's face today?" These types hold petty resentful grudges for 10, 20, 30, 40, etc years, They're the kind that solve simple "problems" with explosive bombastic results, they blow everything out of proportion and 100% unhinged in their lashing out tactics. They can't move past anything and in turn they want their target to constantly reminded and stuck in the place the abuse occurred. They mentally see any good in your life as an offense and threat to their basic existence but hey 1 often makes the bed in which they lie so one can't continue to blame and hold resentment on others for what they did to themselves. Those kind love to attempt showing control and power over someone they do not really have that right nor power in the 1st place. Those kind see any movement forward from their abuse as an affront to them when all the while you just do not care, you moved forward umpteen years ago. They're still resenting and carrying on about sh^% they did to themselves a decade or longer ago. I've been asked before "Well what do those kind want ultimately?" Nothing. If one were to ask them they honestly couldn't come up with an adequate reason for all the destructiveness. There isn't any plausible explanation nor sensible reasoning to their antics, they just want to watch the world burn.I often compare it to the joker from the film The Dark Knight. They're about causing chaos and destruction because otherwise they'd have to face the reality of their existence without all of the distractions of madness they project on others. Hence is why they do not have a functional life, all they have is that clearly otherwise they wouldn't be so preoccupied with ruining others. There's a scene in the film when Batman is interrogating the joker in which he asks "So why do you want to kill me?" The joker laughs (like real life psychopaths do) answering with "I don't want to kill you, what would I do without you? You complete me." And that is true of real life abuser psychopath's as I'm speaking of. They've had umpteen chances to go head to head or even kill their target, they've never taken it? Why? Because as just explained in that sentence right there, they love to torment, taunt, and play, a make believe life like it's some kind of little game because clearly they don't live in the real world. If their target is gone what purpose would they have in life (if one wants to call it that) even less than they have now clearly. And much like real life psychopaths like so you could kick the sh&^ out of them all day long, it's been scientifically proven they don't feel pain as a healthy person does. Those kind actually get excitement and adrenal out of it. Same as when you react to them after much taunting or in their face dragging them, it's the excitement of the chaos and pain they like which is why they go to great lengths to act out the detrimental to others antics they do on targets. They're too selfish and narcissistic to end their own existence yet too bored if they ended their target.    

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