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mandy Sanghera
almost 2 years Global Story
Smashing stereotypes

Smashing stereotypes
Women can really mentor men
For me it was about finding  individuals who I could empower & support. Gender never came into it for me .
I have been a big advocate for  cross-gender mentoring: You can learn a lot from both male and female mentors and there is no need to limit yourself to just one mentor. Women should look to mentor and be mentored by male colleagues or acquaintances. A 2009 Catalyst study  found that in men with exclusively male mentors, only 42% had a high awareness of gender bias. However, that number jumped to 65% when the male had a mentor of both genders. So not only does it impact the individuals in the mentoring relationship, cross-gender mentoring also supports the ‘paying it forward’ concept. Due to some societal misconceptions, cross-gender mentoring relationships can be more challenging to initiate and nurture. However there are initiatives that companies can take to encourage mentoring across genders and across races.

I recently offered to mentor others and I was overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised that I had been contacted by men and women , young and old and I decided to take on Rohit Sagoo I was really interested in learning about his career as a children's nurse . I felt that Rohit was already breaking down barriers and sterotypes  he actually could see a lot benefits & synergy  to  steer social justice, values and beliefs in a positive direction. If I'm chosen as a mentee I will  ensure that my skills, knowledge and experience working with vulnerable individuals will come into fruition to effectively  support and recognise the impact of social inclusion, equality and diversity. I could see we where speaking the same language
Joey who was in social work . Joey had a very clear vision around wanting to educate young people and give them real opportunities .

For me personally it's I encourage self belief resilience and Provide guidance and act as a critical friends

Both Rohit and Joey felt that I could support them with achieving their goals .  And to me their gender had nothing to do with their goals or capabilities
Be Open to Learning Unexpected Lessons is my advise to everyone I mentor all I want to do is give you the tools to unlock your potential and grow in confidences
I want to empower others and I have a lot of skills and knowledge for me it's not about applause etc . My advise to self has always been Abandon the Ego
Sometimes all we need is  someone who believes in us . That person should be non judgmental and all they want to do is see you develop .

I have met so many young people who have dreams and ideas . I know that mentoring is particularly beneficial to disadvantaged teens. Especially those who have fallen into the criminal justice system or substance misuse and have not gone onto further education. By having a positive mentoring relationship mentors provided the relational support to help them belief in their abilities and overcome difficult life challenges.

I believe in the person and I generally take an interest, it's important that I'm listening to the young person . Like any relationship it has to be built on trust and respect

Mentoring is more than the transfer of advice, knowledge and insights. The relationship offers reciprocal benefits for mentors willing to invest their time in developing another professional. As well as the personal satisfaction of sharing their skills and experience with a willing learner, being involved in mentoring also provides some tangible benefits that can reward mentors professionally.

Opportunity to reflect on their own goals and practices , Development of their personal leadership and coaching styles . Satisfaction in enhancing skills in helping someone grow

And all of this has nothing to do with gender . I want to show that male & females can have professional Platonic relationships sadly in some cultures girls are still being socially conditioned that the only males you should interact with is your father , brother husband etc and  Platonic friendships are not encouraged . I truly believe that over time people will see that we all can have healthy positive relationships with the opposite sex .

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Mandy Sanghera is an international human rights activist and motivational speaker #Tedx Mandy Sanghera Is an international human rights activists who has spent the last 26 years supporting victims and survivors of Honour Based Violence and cultural Abuse FGM , Forced Marriage , Faith Based [...]

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