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Tianna Leigh
Tianna Leigh Spreader of positivity
over 2 years Phoenix, AZ, United States Story
Sitting in the in between

“How are you?”

“What’s new?”

All common questions we find ourselves answering on an almost daily basis. I’ve found that whenever I have very little report or “nothing exciting” going on or coming up that I apologize to the person. Why is that? Why do I feel bad that I don’t have some grandiose story to tell? I started thinking about it and I feel it’s because we don’t know how to sit in the in between. The in between is uncomfortable and full of the unknown. What the heck is the in between I refer to? It’s the space between what was and what will be. It’s the space where you feel as though you’re coasting through life; nothing too high; nothing too low. Just coasting. Actually; coasting is one of the best feelings in the world; yet we resist it.

I believe I’m currently in one of these in between states. My highest of highs was writing my book while in Bali and ever since; life has been so good. I’m working on editing the book and won’t finish until it’s in print! Sure; I’ve had highs and lows since then, but nothing super duper awesome, like that! So I’m currently learning to get comfy with the in between. There are so many unknowns in life. You never know who is coming in or going out. You never know what opportunities may come your way. The in between can actually be kind of exciting. It’s just before the next new exciting friend, the new relationship, the new job, the new passion that ignites you; it’s simply the before. Enjoy the coasting…it’s a beautiful place to be.

So next time someone asks what’s new? We can say nothing currently, but so excited for what’s to come!

Love and Light, Tianna Leigh

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Tianna Leigh
Spreader of positivity

I love connecting on a deeper level and having authentic conversation makes me light up. I envision a big future in contribution to others through writing my memoir and Tianna Leigh blog, speaking and by sharing my inspirational quotes. I look forward to inspiring the world one step a time...

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