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over 1 year United States Story
Simply Gorgeous and Very Convenient Backpacks for Hunting

This is one of the few cases in personal practice, when not particularly impressed with the first acquaintance, the thing, in fact, turned out to be simply gorgeous and very convenient in the personal scheme of operation. About it, I'll tell you in the article below.


The best bow hunting backpack came to me by a minibus from a nearby city and, grabbing the coveted package, noticed that it was very heavy. Not super heavy, but still weighs more than the Thule sling or the Enroot Strut Daypack backpack. Unpacked, felt nice.

And in Large Volume Daypack uses three different types of nylon, and it's especially like. The material is quite thick and stiff, more serious than in the Thule backpack mentioned above.

In general, the accessory looks cool, I would even say brutally. All this is an abundance of straps and latches, a carbine, the very form, color performance:

The handle made of steel cable, sewn into neoprene, which was interesting even when it felt the backpack in Moscow, actually turned out to be functional.

Due to the design and the scheme of attachment, the backpack does not turn into a saggy string bag when you take it by the handle, even if you load it in full. This element consists of three parts:

A fairly long and wide nylon ribbon from below, fixed almost at the edges of the rucksack (the thickest type of nylon is used in the place of attachment).A steel cable in a plastic tube held on rivets. Soft neoprene shell, wrapping and nylon, and rope.

I did not see a more convenient and functional handle in any backpack, and a lot passed through them.

On the side of the handle is also attached a powerful and rather heavy carbine. When I studied a backpack, so to speak, remotely, I read in the comments that this is a completely useless thing.

They say, why such a big and heavy carbine on a backpack? Probably, it was written by people moving from house to office and back.

Firstly, it is really classy, looks stylish and decorates the backpack corny as an element of design. 

Secondly, it is possible to attach a column, like Philips Sound Shooter, and one more folding backpack (there is such in the household from Tatiana - in the folded state the size of a fist, in the unfolded - 20 liters volume), and a lot of other useful things.

The straps of the Wenger Large Volume Daypack are very soft and this has caused surprise, especially after tough counterparts in Thule backpacks.

The operating experience has shown that such a solution is convenient in real operation, and due to the well-thought-out design of the shoulder strap, it is not particularly pressing on the shoulders.

They seem to fit the body and become invisible, you do not feel them, like a backpack behind your back, you just feel that your weight has slightly increased and that's it. On the strap is a nylon tape - you can attach something.

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