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Judith Davis
1y New York, NY, United States Story
Silent Screams:  Words Directly from a Victim of the Sex Trafficking Industry

If I had not actually sat down to speak with Toni Rivera, I would have thought, that this is just another news report on television.  I was aware of this issue, but had never come face to face with someone who lived the story until now.  Although, the story was heartbreaking to hear, at the same time it supplied an education on an issue that still needs to be dealt with today. She now, shares here deep and very personal story in her recently released book called Silent Screams.  

This is the story someone who could actually be your next door neighbor.  She could be your former coworker on someone you see in the grocery store.  Toni Rivera, is a woman who is not using her tough life experience to help other young people who have been caught up with in the sex trafficking industry.  

Toni grew up in poverty, her childhood was derailed by sexual abuse, reprimanded and shut out by the people she loved most --- her family. In her teenage years, she reached a point where she lacked regard for her personal safety, seeking acceptance and love in all the wrong places. Eventually leading her down the path of drug-addiction, sexual exploitation and ultimately kidnapping. Today, Toni has evolved into an ambitious and conscious woman, rehabilitated from a life that could’ve easily left her another statistic. She stands before you a proud mother, wife and is employed as a medical professional. Her negative experiences fueled her passion and from it, a devotion to helping others, raising awareness and becoming an advocate towards the fight against sexual exploitation & human trafficking.

These days, Toni has founded a non-profit organization HELPING HAND YOUTH AND ADULT SERVICES which dedicates its resources to assist, young men and women facing sex, drug and addiction problems. Most recently, Toni’s success story has landed her a seat among prestigious businesswomen in media. Guided by her faith in God, a continuous desire to better herself and a sound support system, Toni is a living testament that with determination and faith in God, you can achieve and pursue the life that you dream of. This story is truly one to inspire younger women who may find themselves in situation.  For more information about Toni River, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Also, to the book can be purchased on Amazon.  

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