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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Anastasia Nikoloudi Mogul Influencer
1y Europe Story
She could easily get lost..

Her name was not Alice and she had not found her Wonderland yet. But one thing was always there in her mind, adventure. She was always planning her next trip, imagined the places where she could be photographed and the minor details she could capture in her lens. She thought of the seas and the sand. She thought of the air. Sometimes it smelled like tea from China, or spices from India, coffee from Italy or just the smell of an old sweaters which reminded her of something. Something that she used to love a lot.

No one could read the maps she had filled in with so many plans, notes and places to visit. No one could read her need to disappear, to get lost for a while, to see what else this world is hiding. It was not the need to have fun or visit some monuments. No. It was a new breath she wanted to gasp for.

She packed her things enough times as to be able to say that she has seen part of the world. But it was not her thing to settle down and browse nostalgically into memories. Whatever kept her static so long, eventually became her inner motivational voice. And she packed for one more time. Not anything could fit in her small bag, but everything she had added was fitting perfectly to her new life.

The walking was endless and her home started to fade away with all the people and the things she left behind. There was no time in the places she has been, there were no worries and no familiar faces. It was a layover between her lives.

But she couldn't stay for more. Change became her main habit and her eyes were still searching for a new sky beyond her own window. She started thinking of herself and her inability to stop wandering. Could this mean that she was erratic and unreliable or maybe a free spirit seeking for a soul to match with? She could not find her answer and her spirit missed a beat.

One day, she found herself close to some coordinates she never visited before and then it hit her. It was not the adventure she was really looking for, but the Wonderland. A place where she could have all she ever asked for. A place where she could settle, or a pair of arms, or even some eyes that she could stare at and count stars popping out them. A wonderland with no borders and tickets, where one could be free and happy.

After all, she knew that she could easily get lost if it wasn't for those stars popping out of some eyes..

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Anastasia Nikoloudi
Mogul Influencer

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