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27MillionVoicesToday Multi Tasker
5mo Washington, DC, United States Story
Serious Disclaimer

#Disclaimer When you gotta start cutting off some folks you barely know, don't know anything about you really. Met you for 1 week that's it. They are spreading slander as they have no life and can't move forward from 1 trip that was a blip in time because they live for an event not real life. We done. I just don't have time nor are you relevant to my life or anything else. I got 3 reputable careers to work. I live in a big fine home what you got? Nothing. Nothing to me is nothing to me. I know jokers when I see them that really have nothing to offer in life or me. You know there was a writer who passed away this year named Harlan Ellison. He hated fandom and fanatics for this very reason because they never really did anything in their life of merit that vicariously live through others works, they spent their entire life on obsessive fanaticism therefore they are jealous of those who do have a life/career. Folks like that are just bitter because they have no validity in life but I will put this statement out now. Anyone on here that I barely know for a little over a week that have a problem with me or spreading slander if I haven't removed who I suspect that's got something to do with it then you need to remove yourself we got to cut ties. I'm a professional with valid careers. I can prove and I have all kinds that can vouch for me on that. My name was on a historical SESTA BIll letter of support this year that passed in the Senate with a statement to shutdown back page for it's illicit services. That I can prove. I was hand picked out of thousand to be researcher/contributor of a monumental report on illicit massage parlors. That I can prove. I work in the streets (the blade as it's known) with children that have been sex trafficked also hand picked to do so by a Woman on the Presidential Advisory board for Trafficking in Persons.. I work with the UN. I've been hand picked to be ambassador to several reputable companies. That I can prove. I was named adviser for the first ever educational app on HIV/AIDS particularly geared towards youths. I got all kinds that actually hold some weight in life that can vouch for me. I speak 9 languages. But I will say this I'm not gonna tolerate people calling my family's home messing with them or getting disturbing FB messages from made up accounts involving all kinds of egregious porn in which I have suspicions where it came from nor slander that's real serious. On the real for whoever this is all for if you don't like me and making ish up then we have nothing to associate about. You don't need to be watching me nor throwing dirt on my name. I wasn't put on this earth to please anyone but the God I serve and live my life. Not waste it on stupid drama that doesn't mean anything to me. On the real I have real people vouch for this as well I got ballers with millions practically at my door all the time. Matter of fact I had to decline a Man not long ago worth almost a cool billion who is very well known and has accolades. Whoever this is all for that have a problem, to speak frankly you are losers at life and nuts that live in a fantasy world of obsession with an iconic figure who is no longer with us unfortunately that you didn't even know personally. Right now let me just say this if this slander continues I will and can take you to court.. and win. Look at me with the light eyes, good careers, light skinned, light eyes, mixed blood, descended from historical Chiefs which I can prove, good hair, refined face, fine clothes, well spoken, educated, has my own money, driven, and look at those with the issue. No comparison. Nothing. But hey as the saying goes on one hand hey "Keep talking you're making me famous" as I don't think of you at all. I keep it moving in life clearly some do not. Not on my level man just not on my level. If you have affiliations with the fool that is a liar, this has to do with this is all stemming from, we got to cut ties.  I have called the rightful authorities as should be for granted reason. We are done to those it pertains to.

To all the professionals and moguls all 💖 This has to be addressed because it has gotten serious from some mid aged bulbous fugly white privilege entitled slow talent-less female I don't have anything to do with and clearly isn't all there and their clique of 0 value. Like get the hell away from me for real.  


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Multi Tasker

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