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over 2 years Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Story
Secret to Looking Normal While Walking in Heels

Psst, come here, I'll tell you: the real secret to walking stably in heels is that there isn't one!                                                                                               Credit: tumblr

If you tend to wobble, sway, walk into poles, fall flat on your face, etc. every time you put on death traps- er, I mean, heels- you’re probably missing one of these two things:

1. Good posture

2. Natural and relaxed feeling

But how can that be fixed?

Great question, in case you were thinking it!

Let’s start with #1.

                                                                                Photo credit: Joel Minden

Good posture may take some time to achieve, but practicing it and constantly reminding yourself to fix your posture will help you transform into the fabulous pine tree you’ve always dreamed of being!

Here’s a useful exercise that I learned from half a year of yoga and 4 years of dance lessons: 

1.) Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides 

2.) Reach down towards your toes until you can’t reach any longer, but don’t touch your toes. Relax and allow your head and arms to hang. Your spine should be very curved at this moment and you should not be putting any effort into holding up your torso.

3.) Slowly, straighten your spine vertebra by vertebra, starting from your lower back. Allow your head to hang until you have completely uncurled your spine. After your spine is straight, raise your chin until you feel no pressure on the back of your neck. 

Note: As you slowly move farther from the ground, your spine and neck will naturally straighten little by little- this movement does not and should not require a lot of effort. 

You are now standing completely straight! 

Improving your posture for a few minutes is pretty easy, but it’s hard to maintain. Repeating this exercise every day will allow your body to adjust to it.

You can also try some other yoga poses that are helpful for improving posture.

Now, onto #2.

There is no cut-and-dry method for feeling more natural and relaxed as you walk, since each individual is different.

I have found that the best way of approaching this is to simply take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, avoid looking down, and walk. 

When you walk, you probably don’t think too much about walking. You probably don’t wonder whether you should step onto the balls of your feet, rather than onto your heels, or vice-versa; you just walk. 

Try to apply that same thought process- or lack thereof- to wearing shoes with heels and your wobbles and sways will turn into graceful sashays!

Oh, the places you'll strut! 


                                                        Credit: tumblr

                                                                    Credit: Giphy

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