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School is back in session!!!

Hello everybody!!! I have officially returned from my summer vacation. Going back to school comes with a lot of emotions. One of those emotions is stress. Primarily when it  comes to studying. Soooo, i have compiled a list of study tips that will surely help you out!

1) Organize, organize,organize: 

ALWAYYSSS write down everything you have to do. This will help you later on in the day with organizing your thoughts and ensuring that you have completed everything on your To-Do list.

2) Make a study schedule: 

If you have a lot of tests and quizzes coming up, create a study plan. Make a schedule, like the one given to you by your school, and write the subjects you have to study and assign them a time period to dedicate your time to them. 

3) Create study groups:

I am a firm believer in that two minds work more efficiently than one. You never know how another person's study techniques will help you on your way to get an A. Also, they might have some ideas or knowledge you've never seen or heard of. So always be open to talk about the test/ quiz subjects with a group of people.

3) watch movies and Documentaries:

You like watching movies right? Try finding ones that have to do with the subject you're studying at school. You never know what you might learn. You should also have in mind that documentaries are more informative, so if you want more in-depth explanations, you should really watch some of those.

4) Pomodoro technique:

I find that if you go ham at studying, lets say you study for 3 + hours, you will eventually burn out. It's better to take some breaks every now and then, so you can feel energized throughout your whole studying session. With the Pomodoro technique you get 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes to cool down. It's pretty useful.

5) Be positive:

NEVER go into a test thinking you're going to fail. You probably will because you literally set yourself up (mentally) for it. That's called the law of atraction by the way. If you study efficiently and you understand the subject, you're pretty much good to go. Don't stress it that much.

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I'm here to spread empowerment and positivity. It's our time to shine and show what we're capable of. Always follow your dreams and never settle for less. Fight for your future and your rights and make your voice be heard.

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