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Zia Do I have to have one ?
11mo India Story
Running Is My Passion

Running Is My Passion 

Under the highway: chapter: 00

Its is a nice sunny Saturday afternoon, She has just moved into a new apartment; The room is full of light, which is coming in through the pink curtains. Now things are getting calmer for her, finally, she has got a place to live. Its been a crazy month full of weird things happening. Both of them had been running like crazy since she decided to find a new place to live. And now things are back on track and he has come to visit.

As soon as they were done eating, he went to the kitchen, did the dishes as always, made himself a green tea, went to his bean bag and started looking for jobs published on the internet.

Everything was peaceful, she was glad that he came to help. He seemed okay a little tired after his run. She was still on the dining table, looking at him doing his stuff When suddenly he said... "I think I should look for a job in the field of sports. This is my thing, this is what I like to do, you know... It's my passion. I am passionate about everything which is related to speed. I don't like to sit still, I like to keep moving." 

She was still looking at him, listening to every single word which has come out of his mouth and she said, "Yes you should, you would do great. Become an instructor, sports academy teacher or you can start your own academy."

He said, " Umm well maybe, I am trying."

And then she asked, "how does it feel when you run?" She knew this is his best topic he could talk about and he did as she expected.

She was pleased with her question and ready to listen when He said "Running, its like leaving the world behind, knowing that this the time you have for yourself, you think about your ideas, mistakes you have made, then make plans for the ideas you have, find ways to avoid making mistakes, know that you are just one and have the world against you and you know this world is a big nasty place. And running helps you be tension free, its good for health and it is about becoming faster and faster, faster than you were before and it is a great feeling. And I am passionate about running."

She thought now he is going to ask her about her passion but he did not. She thought to herself, "Do I have a passion? Is there anything which I do with dedication and determination? And soon she knew, Of course, I have a passion no actually I have passions."

She really wanted to tell him what she is passionate about, And she thought first I should know how to say it in an impressive way and she prepared her word something like this... "Yes I am also passionate, But I am not passionate about running I am passionate about being close, I am not passionate about things, I am passionate about the people who I love and I am passionate about you, I am passionate about the time you spend with me, I am passionate about the conversations we have, I am passionate about everything you do for me and think about me, I am passionate about waiting for you after your runs, I am passionate about your calls after your gym, I am passionate about seeing you every time, I am passionate about what I feel for you, I am passionate about the way I respect you. And that's not it I am passionate about knowing that the people around me are well, I can help them and be with them when they need me. I am passionate about learning new things and doing them with perfection." :)

When she thought she was ready to speak, he got up and went to the kitchen to wash his mug. She looked at him going away and thought... Ah well, maybe next time. I am passionate about many things anyways.

It was almost time for him to go, they said goodbye and this is how she found out what her passion was.

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Do I have to have one ?

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