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Polo REO Tate
Polo REO Tate Author of DEEP DARK BLUE, Actor, Artist, Athlete.
4mo Story

I had the total pleasure of being honored as one of the inimitable Bob Hoffman’s Mentors recently, and as I woke up this morning, I felt called to share our conversation with you. As I went through my morning routine—what keeps me sane, what allows me to face the day with my shoulders back, my eyes up, and my HEART OPEN—I realized that perhaps more than just myself could benefit from these reminders…I have posted the video here.

We are so worthy of taking up space on this planet, in this world, in our familial, social and occupational environments. We are WORTHY OF BEING HERE as evidenced by the very fact that WE ARE HERE. Period. 

It is so important to realize this on a cellular level. To feel its truth in every fiber of our being. For, it is in this actualization of our unparalleled power that we can find our passion…what lights us up. And in finding our passion, and pursuing it doggedly, we can then share that passion with others, and therefore give it a much more exponential purpose

The world is HERE for YOU.


…And we are all in this together. 

I hope this helps in any way. Luv you guys, 

Luv, Polo.

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Polo REO Tate
Author of DEEP DARK BLUE, Actor, Artist, Athlete.

Polo REO Tate was born in Lansing, Michigan, where her family has deep ties to the community. Her Great Great Grandfather was Ransom Eli Olds (R.E. Olds), a pioneer and prolific inventor most notably responsible for inventing the first internal combustion automobile—the Oldsmobile. Growing up, [...]

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