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canwetalkqa Can We Talk: Sexual Health
1y Story
#ReproJustice Monday: Just Wanted to say....#ThxBirthControl

In last the two weeks, Reproductive Rights and fear or lack there of,  of affordable access to women's health have become a hot topic; leading to ReproJustice tags,  health centers and individuals sharing "What To Do When..." articles on birth control, abortion, and all things women's health. Which is why last week's #ThxBirthControl campaign (a collaboration between PP and Bedsider) on Twitter was/is important; not only did it allow women to share their own experiences on birth control, organizations and groups used this opportunity to educate individuals on uses of birth control and why birth control is so important. 

Birth Control is essential in women's and reproductive health, whether you're using the pill, IUD, ring, or even the shot----we all know, there is more to birth control than meets the eye: 

Birth control is not a luxury or privilege: it's health care, plain and simple. #ThxBirthControl

Here are three tweets that explain why women are thankful birth control, why access and affordable birth control is important, and our hope for reproductive rights:

#ThxBirthControl for helping make my disabling chronic pelvic pain bearable enough for me to function @feministlady 

  • Birth Control--- is used to treat different kinds of medical conditions
    • Can Stop a Cyst from becoming a cancerous tumor
    • Can treat an Endometriosis--most girls who have this have cramps and pelvic pain and pills can treat those symptoms often time, reducing the number of periods and alleviating pain.
    • Birth Control is more about keeping a woman healthy than it is about anything else

#ThxBirthControl for helping us make decisions about our own health, body, sexuality & reproductive health.

  • Birth Control gives a woman control of her body, to decide whether to have children or not, how many, and allows, an individual to enjoy consensual sex---carefully,safely, and responsibly.
  • More than 99% of women aged 15–44 who have ever had sexual intercourse have used at least one contraceptive method
  • Some 62% of all women of reproductive age are currently using a contraceptive method.

"Access to birth control and reliable information on safe sex has most certainly impacted the trajectory of my life." #ThxBirthControl  @USWomen2016 

  • Among women who are at risk of unintended pregnancy, 92% of those with incomes of 300% or more of the federal poverty level are currently using contraceptives, as are 89% of those living at 0–149% of the poverty line.
  • With Access--better access to family planning, can reduce child mortality.
  • Being in control of your own body, understanding how your own body works.
  •  Under the Affordable Care Act (also called Obamacare), the full range of birth control methods -- including pills, the patch, IUDs, and the implant -- are covered by almost all health insurance plans with no cost to you. - See more at: 
    • Some employers and lawmakers have been against the Affordable Care Act for some time and are still against it, namely, Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan,  but with Affordable Access to contraceptives, women are healthier, safer, and will continue to thrive and expand their opportunities in life.

The #ThxBirthControl movement shows us that birth control and access to affordable birth control and safe sex information can save lives. And I agree, as someone who's used different methods of birth I can contest to this:

Thanks "Pills" though I felt nauseated taking you, you reduced my pelvic chronic pain

Thanks "Patch" without you, I never would have researched the side effects of birth control, and though you did shock me from time to time--you kept me regular and you shorten my periods from 8 days to 5.

Thank you " Dipo" without you, I wouldn't have graduated on time,I would have missed school, you gave me energy ---also thought me to take better care of myself.

Thank you "IUD" even though, we never met, thank you for helping the more than 3,000,000 users who use you as their best for of birth control.

I'd also like to thank all the clinics, providers, organizations, and centers who take the time to educate, help, and who care about Women's Health especially, Planned Parenthood. Thank you Planned Parenthood--for being the first ones to teach my friends and me about comprehensive sex education. For holding my hand during my Gyno check-ups, educating my friends and me on the different uses of birth control, pros and cons, risk, and for answering all my sexual health questions. And Especially, thank you for helping me find the right specialist, for my chronic pain, irregular cycle, and finding affordable birth control when my insurance wouldn't cover it. Thank you for helping and educating the millions of people who use your service every day.


I'll leave with this, contraceptives are important, a woman's right to choose is important, women's health IS a health care issue, educate yourself on the issues, and no matter what anyone says, Access to Affordable Women's Health is a Basic Human Right.

All of this is to say - #ThxBirthControl for making the playing field a little more level. We need to protect our progress. -Cecilia Richards, Planned Parenthood

Share your own #THXBirthControl and check out the tag.


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