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Talia M.
Talia M. Mogul Global Ambassador
9mo New York, NY, United States Story
#ReadMyLips: I'm Pissed


1. You're an immigrant, just like everyone else in the United States!

2. You don't have a vagina (nor do any of your male colleagues) so stop acting like you have the right to an opinion

3. Being pro-choice does not make people anti-life! It means, I have the right to choose--you don't have to get an abortion if you don't want to or if you don't believe in it, but you don't have the right to prevent me from getting one.

4. You lost the popular vote. Voter fraud is not a thing. Nothing happened in Sweden and your ban is racist!

5. Last but not're a white, straight, cisgender, man whose lived nothing but a life of luxury; so stop pretending you know about anything other than that.

(Whoosh, that felt good to say!!!!) 😊

This message was posted as part of #ReadMyLips, a campaign enabling individuals to share a personal message with President Trump on what they want from him for women's health and women's rights these next 4 years.

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Talia M.
Mogul Global Ambassador

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