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Tina Kapinos
Tina Kapinos Mogul Influencer
7mo Chicago, IL, United States Story
#ReadMyLips Grow Up!

#ReadMyLips I can’t hear that phrase without thinking of another rich white man I didn’t vote for—the first President Bush. His words came with a promise of no new taxes. But mine come with a promise I intend to keep, a promise of action.

You see, there’s a big difference between you, Donald Trump, and George H.W. Bush, or his son for that matter. They managed to serve in the oval office without disparaging and bullying the people of this country. You couldn’t even make it through the first day of your campaign without doing that.

So that’s why I will promise to fight you for every day that you remain in office. Because proposing thoughtful policies I don’t agree with is one thing, but attacking the people you are supposed to serve, well, that is something else entirely.

It’s not just the name calling and the twitter rants when things don’t go your way. It’s the executive orders you sign and the legislation you tout that is made hastily, without much forethought, without any concern for the consequences to the people you serve or the country we live in.

That wall you want to build? Not only has it incited hate toward Mexican-Americans, but it will harm wildlife and cost billions of dollars that would be better put toward infrastructure or education.

Oh, and let’s talk about education. Of all the women you could have chosen for your education secretary, you chose a billionaire who not only has no experience with public education but is set on dismantling it. What a slap in the face to all the intelligent, qualified, informed women who understand the value of a public education and work every day to improve children’s minds and the systems that serve them.

And let’s not forget the children--the ones whose parents brought them here for a better life, the ones who came as refugees fleeing war. You want to impose a ban that shuts out the people who need us the most. And you’ve ruthlessly emboldened immigration agents to deport people even when it means ripping families apart and tearing mothers away from their children.

So if you’re wondering why I and so many other women turned out for marches across the country, and continue to show up at town halls and protests, and send postcards and emails, and make phone calls, it’s not because we’re paid protesters. Heck, we’re women. We’re used to doing a lot of work we don’t get paid for. The reason we protest and will continue to protest is because the one thing we demand from our president, above everything else, is that our president behaves like a grownup.  Be measured. Be thoughtful. Be respectful. Be compassionate. And please, please stop lying to us like a four-year-old covered in cookie crumbs. Don’t tell us you didn’t eat the cookies we told you were for after dinner when the evidence is all over your face. We are not stupid. We can see what you did. Own up to it, make amends for it and then make sure you never do it again. Stop behaving like an impulsive, petulant child.

I’ve raised three children. I thought my child-rearing days were behind me. But, clearly, they are not. So, here it goes, Mr. President: #ReadMyLips Grow Up.

This message was posted as part of #ReadMyLips, a campaign enabling individuals to share a personal message with President Trump on what they want from him for women's health and women's rights these next 4 years.

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Tina Kapinos
Mogul Influencer

Tina Kapinos is a freelance writer and editor in suburban Chicago.

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