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I go to a Planned Parenthood clinic, and it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. They not only take care of me when I go in for free check-ups so I can keep myself healthy, they also provide me with free counseling to manage my grief over my little brother’s death.

I don’t go because I’m a so-called “slut,” because heaven forbid, we allow women to have the same sexual privileges as men.

Disclaimer: No girl is a slut for taking birth control or checking for an STD at a health clinic, it’s simply called being responsible.

I go to one because I need free health care and don’t want to add to my parents stress, especially after my brother’s recent suicide.

If you think that the three percent of abortions given by Planned Parenthood reflect all that the wonderful organization and centers like it does, you are sorely misled.

While we’re here, I’d like to say that to deny women health care specifically designed to prevent unplanned pregnancies but not support abortion, is to be pro-birth and not pro-being born into a stable and good life. I don’t think that’s very moral at all.

Pro-life is a wonderful cause, but is it going to support children in clinics after they’re born into low-income families who can’t afford health care? I’d love to see that, honestly I would.

To those of you who are raging, but have never been in a place when you are pissing blood and desperate to see a doctor without exorbitant fees—congrats. You’re wonderfully lucky. Feel free to regulate the abortion procedures and for the love of God, get those women counseling beforehand. But don’t shut down my opportunity to receive solid health care from a clinic just because an out-of-context video is the only education you’ve received on the topic of Planned Parenthood.

This message was posted as part of #ReadMyLips, a campaign enabling individuals to share a personal message with President Trump on what they want from him for women's health and women's rights these next 4 years.

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  • Sarah Fein
    9mo ago

    This moved me. Why don't people understand that Planned Parenthood is so much more than abortions?

    This moved me. Why don't people understand that Planned Parenthood is so much more than abortions?

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