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Caitlin Sailors
8mo Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States Story

Dear Mr. Trump,

I'm referring to you as Mr, rather than President, because you have not yet earned that title in my opinion. You have spent your first days in office making wrong decision after wrong decision, trying to rip the rights away from people and set this country back about 50 - 70 years. I'm not having it.

To defund Planned Parenthood is evil when they are the leading force in STD prevention and screenings for young women. To retract a ruling that was already made years ago (Roe v Wade) is unconstitutional. To have the mentality that you can just grab women wherever you want because you are rich and famous is disgusting. To place a ban on a group of people because of their skin color or religion is despicable.

I will not stand by silently while you continuously disregard the majority of the American people. I will not stand by silently while you take away rights from women and minorities that they have earned. I will not stand by silently while you insinuate that a man has a right to grab a woman's vagina as he pleases.

You've got to do better, sir. You are representing a country of very very diverse people. Tread carefully, because we are watching you.

This message was posted as part of #ReadMyLips, a campaign enabling individuals to share a personal message with President Trump on what they want from him for women's health and women's rights these next 4 years.

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28 years young; Moved from Small Town, IN to Big City, FL about 7 years ago; In a Relationship; I love dogs

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