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Being President is many things, it grants you many various powers, the biggest one being the role model to this nation and the figure head of all its people. From the day you were elected, you were given the responsibility to set an example for how the American people should be thinking and acting. Women in the U.S. already suffer from gender inequality: whether it be the 1/5 women who get sexually abused on college campus or the 1/3 women who are victim of emotional and physical abuse from a partner. I therefore cannot help myself when I worry about how such statistics will change if our president himself insults, mistreats and degrades women. 

Misogyny has always been present in our society — I was always shocked when I was younger why we never discussed this topic in school. If we learnt how to protect ourselves from drugs and sexual diseases, why wouldn’t we be taught about other harmful things that we girls are exposed to? When I was in high school, I started the Gender Equality Task force with a few other strong driven girls; our goal was to fight misogyny one act of disrespect at a time, whether it be cat calling or slut shaming. I do believe that efforts such as mine have been taken all throughout the world and women are fighting to get their voices heard. But now I worry. All these girls that I talked to in my high school on how to confront boys who thought sexism wasn’t an act to be condemned, or all the women who finally were able to confront abusive partners, bosses or any sort of sexism will slowly lose their powerful voices. The act of combatting misogyny just got much much harder as it is now present within the most powerful entity of our country: the White House. 

Yes, this may be a set back. But I will personally make sure that every strong woman in my life is given their well deserved megaphone and will have their voices heard. Mr. Trump, I encourage you to join our effort to put at stop to the sexism so present in our society, because either way, our voices will be heard, we refuse to be oppressed. 

This message was posted as part of #ReadMyLips, a campaign enabling individuals to share a personal message with President Trump on what they want from him for women's health and women's rights these next 4 years.

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