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Ramblings Of The Broken Pieces

"The Universe Always Falls In Love With The Stubborn Heart", they say. The irony of it made her smile amidst the clenching she felt within. Had this happened at some other place or time, would it all work out? Would those passionate moments really matter then?

Alas, she had no answers.

 For the questions did not matter anymore.

All the uncertainties were gone.

What existed now was a void.

A void because she had lost someone who had wounded her permanently. A void because she had to finally accept that she could not hold him anymore or feel his lips softly press against hers. He had gone his own way, taking away the long 3 a.m. chats and sleepy Snapchat "Good mornings" with him.

She wasn't very expressive.

She never believed in the concept of love because she never caught true feelings.

But he was the only exception. An exception who walked away.

Should she be thankful to him? For imbibing in her the realisation that she was capable of loving in this way? Or should she be angry that him leaving would never make her feel the same again? Again she was left with no answers. She wished she could believe that it was all a bad dream and one day she would wake up in a parallel universe. An universe where he belonged to her. An universe where this weird clenching within her did not exist. If only wishes came true. If only she did not have to let go.

Make no mistakes she was strong. Strong enough to accept everything she was feeling, and yet smile. Strong enough to rise again after breaking down like she had. Maybe one day she would feel like this again. Maybe she would feel it even more. Maybe the clasp of another hand will feel more soothing, more certain. But in these strings of "maybes" that would eventually happen, she would always remember the storm that hit and took away a fragment of her heart.

A fragment that was irreplaceable.

A fragment on which his memories were etched.

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  • Danica
    6mo ago

    What is your favorite fragment?

    What is your favorite fragment?

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