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Radar Speed Signs – Enabling Speed Control On Roads

Over speeding has been identified as a key contributor towards increased number of accidents on road resulting in injuries and deaths. Excess speed is defined as the speed over and above the fixed speed limit. There are various means by which speed increases the chance and intensity of traffic collisions and injuries:

  • High speed reduces the time for a driver to stop and avoid a car crash.
  • An increase in the speed by 1km/her results in 3% increase chances of a crash involving injury and 4-5% increased chances for accidents resulting in fatalities.
  • For a speed of 80 km/hr, the likelihood of death is 20 times more than in the case where speed is 30 km/hr.
  • For a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk, the chances of survival are 90% if hit by a car at speed of 30 km/hr or low. But, chances of survival reduce to just 50% when hit by a speed of 45km/hr or above.

A typical radar speed sign is an interactive design sign which informs the approaching motorists the speed of their vehicle on road. The purpose of these signs is to inform the motorists about the speed they are riding at and to make them slow down if it is beyond the acceptable speed limit. They are used to calm traffic in addition to the physical devices such as speed breakers.

These signs can be used by cities and towns in the high-density neighborhoods, school and day care zones, work zones, churches and community centers etc.

Facts say that:

  • When alerted by a radar sign, speedster will slow down up to 80% of the times.
  • 10-20% speed reductions are a result of such signs
  • Compliance with the posted speed limit gone up by 30-60%
  • Radar speed signs have even got the super speeders to slow down.

Another type of interactive traffic sign on road is the variable message sign, often abbreviated as a VMS signs. It is an electronic traffic sign, usually mounted on the edges of the bridge, or on the sideway. It gives the travelers relevant information such as traffic congestion on the road ahead, accidents on the road, road work zones, maximum and minimum speed limits. In urban areas and cities, these are used to display parking guidance and information systems for a seamless and accident-free parking of vehicles in available spaces, to inform about alternate routes, limit travel speed, and to inform about general traffic conditions.

VMS display is made using long life LED technology which is weatherproof and uses solar energy for functioning. Such displays are mounted along with solar cells to provide power for their functioning. They have adjustable brightness flexibility for clear vision at night as well as daytime viewing. For getting data on traffic detection, monitoring, and surveillance issues, these display system can also be integrated with other traffic control management systems. This data is converted to text and displayed on the VMS.

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