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QOTD: Questions About Mental Health

Self Care and Mental Health(Illness) are important taboos that we(as a society) rarely address, but times are changing. We're starting talk about these issues, if you look at the #TalkingAboutIt tag on Twitter, people are sharing their stories, providing resources, and being a voice or sometimes a shoulder to cry on for individuals/groups they haven't met. On this episode of Open Dialogue: The Series, we post three questions about our mental health crisis and would like to hear your answers. 

Note: Also, this week is Self Care Awareness Week-- November 14-20

1. Other than access to transportation or medical providers, what do you think are some of the issues facing marginalized  communities when it comes to receiving proper mental health care?

2.LGBTQ individuals are more than 2x as likely to develop a mental disorder, what do you think the Mental Health System should do to combat or address this issue or what can we as a society do to address this issue?

3.  Do we discriminate against the sexes when mental health issues arise* This is something I noticed with Artist Kehalni and Kid Cudi, how one seemed to be shunned while the other was embraced?The same could be said with how we as a society treat male and female suicide attempts.

Image via His stress is not like her stress


From Planned Parenthood

#Trans & #LGBTQ resources:

@translifeline: 877-565-8860

@TrevorProject: 866-488-7386

Suicide Prevention Hotline: @800273TALK


 Check out the Self-Care Forum #SelfCareWeek 

Cartoons Prove That ‘Helpful Advice’ For People With Mental Health Problems Often Isn’t Very Helpful At All


Mental Health Facts from *Click Image*


Can We Talk? News

We've updated the Birth Control Cheat Sheet post with the direct link to Women's Health Control Sheet. Thank you!

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