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Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham Writer | Photographer | Marketer
8mo Canada Story
Sometimes your greatest love becomes your greatest grief

Sometimes your greatest love 

becomes your greatest grief. 

And you’ll be all the better 

because of it, even if it doesn’t last

forever. To have known a love

so great, your heart is enriched 

with kindness, compassion and selflessness. 

To have shared your heart 

with another. To have opened your soul

to another, no matter how it hurt. 

To have your vulnerabilities laid out 

and have another embrace them, 

without judgement, without malice.   

Even if those parts of your heart

will be forever changed, and perhaps

never whole again. At the end of it all, 

you will remember the pieces of your heart 

you once gave away. Deep down, you know

you’ve fulfilled your purpose. 

To view more of Carissa's poetry, find her on Instagram @ravenwinepoetry

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Report this post
Carissa Tham
Writer | Photographer | Marketer

instagram: @ravenwinepoetry | @theravenwine | My life philosophy is perfectly summed up by Albert Camus’ quote, “Live to the point of tears.” My goal is to move you with my work, and truly make you feel.

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