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canwetalkqa Can We Talk: Sexual Health
over 1 year Story
PSA: Safe Sex is The Best Sex.. That Includes Oral

1. Fact: Anytime pre-ejaculatory fluid, semen or vaginal fluids enter the body, whether through the mouth or another opening, there’s a risk of transmitting an STD if either partner has one

2. Fact: Most people don't consider oral sex as sex. I saw an article once that said, 2/3 of Americans have or are engaged in oral sex and do not believe oral sex should be considered "real sex"

Which is understandable, because we (youth and adults)  are taught that the act of sex is through penetration, but oral sex is still sex.   STD's like gonorrhea, HPV, and herpes can be passed from the genitals to the mouth and can spread by giving or receiving oral sex.  There are many ways to stay safe during oral sex, getting tested regularly or talking to your health care provider  about ways of protection ar asking and educating yourself about symptoms are ways to protect yourself.  Whether you're giving Fellatio or as the young people say: head or blowjob, it's advised to use condoms or dental dams.  Some people may not be familiar with dental dams, a dental dam is thin sheet latex and can be used for oral sex (vaginal or anal) you can purchase it at your local store or make your own with latex condom (instructions in link)

 Remember safe sex is the best sex it's not about protecting your partner it's about protecting yourself and your body.

Have a great weekend also, don't forget to visit our website for some resources and starting next Friday we'll be posting doc reviews, interviews, and stories on our site.


Fact 3: Wrote this while listening to TLC's Ain't too proud to beg, a song about empowering women and promoted safe sex.

Additional Resources: 

Guttmacher Institute: Oral Sex Among Adolescents: Is it Sex or Is it Abstinence?

NCBI: US teenagers think oral sex isn't real sex

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Can We Talk: Sexual Health

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