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Pressure Washing Dayton Ohio

5 Ways To Remove Oil Stains From The Garage Floor

The days go by, the months go by, and the floor of your garage still has those stains of car oil that you do not like at all, are you unable to remove them? Do not worry anymore, with these 5 ways to get the car oil stains off the floor you will not have to see them every day and your garage will look like new.  Find more about pressure washing Dayton Ohio here.

1 Dishwashing Detergent

Throw some dish washing detergent into the oil stain and, with the help of a hard bristle brush, start scrubbing the stain until you see the oil coming off the asphalt. Then take the hose and wash out excess detergent and oil. If repeat the process again and go no more annoying spots. Check this article: Best pressure washing services Dayton Ohio floor care tips

2 Spray lubricants

Sure you had stored somewhere in your garage or attic that spray oil you bought when the door started to make noise or when you lubricated the chain of your child's bicycle, right? Then, use it to remove the oil stains you have on the floor of your garage. Take the spray and spray the stain, wait 30 minutes until it sinks in the ground and you will see that the stain will be a matter of the past; If not consumed, repeat the process. You do not need to scrub if you like. Wonderful!

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3 Laundry Detergents

Take some soap and moisten it so it can mix with the oil stain; Then place it on it, rub it with the hard bristle brush you have at home, and wait an hour for the detergent to penetrate the stain. If the stain does not come out, repeat the process, but you will not need to do it more than twice. I love!

4 Baking Soda

This product is a marvel; it is used to clean everything! Dump a good amount of baking soda into the oil stain and moisten it so it can be mixed; then use the brush and rub the stain circularly until it starts to come out. If the stain did not go completely, repeat the process and wash with the hose. Look at all the uses you can give to baking soda here!

5 Soda Cola

And as if it were little surprise with the baking soda, we discovered that we could remove the stains of auto oil with soda cola! Incredible, is not it? Bathe the spots with soda cola, of any brand, and wait 6 hours for it to penetrate the asphalt. Once the time has passed, wash with the hose as usual and repeat the process if necessary. Guys, to the kiosk that Mom needs cola soda to clean!

If none of these simple methods to get oil stains from the floor worked for you, maybe it's because these stains have been there for a long time; It is best to use an industrial greaser or cleaner and help with a water heater. Luck!

Pressure Washing Dayton Ohio Specializes In The Professional Cleaning Of The Garage Floor And More. For More Information About Pressure Washing Dayton Ohio Call: 937-228-COAT (2628)

Pressure Washing Dayton Ohio

7678 McEwen rd. Centerville, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio 45459


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