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Power of social media in business branding

In today's competitive and digital market place, it is necessary to keep your business engaging with people online. Harnessing the power of social media has been vital to expanding your business and your brand.  Engaging your customer online with your business will keep them aware of all the activities you are going through. Better than feeling envious to see your competitors moving towards success it's time to employ your strategy and reap the benefits of social media to create your own and favorable results.

Now you must have a question, WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA?

All the social media mediums Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are diverse and wide to reach every corner in the world. It draws even more potential customer than any other tool out there and helps in building relationships and transform the value into your business. Just have the correct plans and the right social media strategy to reach the goals that you have been aiming for.

Let's discuss How to create a strong online presence.

Though we use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to stay connected with our friends on a regular basis but it is way different to use it for marketing purpose. But still, fortunately, there are a lot of ways to make it profitable for your business.

100s of platforms available to keep your business on the top online, but if you are trying to juggle all the sites and platforms at the same time then you will not be able to cover everything. You cannot give enough time to spread yourself. So well better than that focus on 1-2 platforms where you will find more of your customers go for.

Here are some Solutions over it to overcome the juggling problem. There are some sites to manage social media on one platform. Starting your day with large to do list bigger than your working hours, here are some social media management platforms to make it simple and organized. Platforms like Hootsuite



Which helps you to manage your profiles on social media where you can share, schedule, publish and analyze your post at the same time in one place?

If your audience is majorly on Facebook and Instagram, Host a virtual party on Facebook and go for a live session on Instagram to introduce yourself and your business, to interact with people and commenting on their questions gives you a great reach and enrich your existence on the social media. Post quizzes and fun activities to engage your viewers. Replying on the comments and to the private messages will make you responsive.

But before all these things if you want to make your brand on Instagram and Facebook or on any social media, it is necessary to understand your audience you have to target. You will have to discover and capture their interest and way to reach out them. And when you find your targeted audience then social media becomes a great source for the growth of your business. To know about the target audience, things you have to analyze are,

•             The preferred age of your audience?

•             Your audience is preferably male or female?

•             What is his/her educational level?

•             What is the income level? etc.

As you get to know about these things of your audience you are ready to target them for your business.

All set with your audience? Great

But do you know?

1.            Who your competitors are?

2.            What they are doing?

3.            What strategies they are applying?

4.            Are they getting the best results with it?

If they are, then it's time to analyze them to outperform. Not only by seeing their post on Instagram and Facebook but you need to collect and analyze the data.

To analyze them search for the keywords on Google what your audience is looking for and see what other companies come up with the results. Go and search for them on social media and analyze the quality and quantity of post they are posting. Once you got all the data, then compare it with your data to know the unique points they are going with.

•             The number of followers and page likes they have,

•             Which words do they imply exclusively to attract their customers?

•             Which Tabs and navigational words they use?

•             Notice their highlighted offers,

•             Most importantly notice which trending hash tags they are using on Instagram to reach maximum followers.

 Look for the time span they are posting their posts,

on which time they are posting and are they getting good results from it.

Check marked Audience, competitor, social media platform, now it's time to put your content on social media. For that, you need to create content strategies. Even if you have any type of Business, if your Business page doesn't have content, the visitor will never find an interest to stay and engage with you on your Page. Content is the key to engage with your customer.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online materials and services which is explicitly intended to retain and stimulate the interest of the product and services.

So before you start to put content on your page first you need to do research what your audience is interested in.

Keep in mind Different platforms will have a different audience and different interests. Once you start posting always notice the performance of your last posts. Always drop engaging content that readers are waiting for.

Always follow the consistency in posting, replying and commenting on the social platforms. Assign a person for content creation, proofreading the content, scheduling, posting, replying and commenting on social media.

Always ask for the feedback to improve your rating on social platforms. Always keep noticing new trends and apply them on your posts. Build an online reputation and rapport to give customers the best user experience. Always give the response to their feedback and compliments they might be negative or positive. Make sure to make them believe that you are providing the best services.

For sure to build your business worldwide social media is the best platform for your growth if you use proper strategies and most importantly have patience because this is not the thing which can turn out your business online. It may take time because harnessing the power of social media is not a one day task. Keep working on the points and provide the best in industry services.

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