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wmchandler W.M. Chandler
8mo Boise, ID, United States Story
Planning a Father’s Day Adventure For Your Husband and Child

Life is busy. The daily grind can take away from quality time with your family and leave you feeling disconnected. In preparation for Father’s Day, consider giving your husband the gift of an adventure with their son or daughter. 

Sometimes vacations can feel bogged down by having to figure out all the minor details of the trip such as hotels, which attractions to visit, and overall scheduling. Planning the logistics for them will allow them to focus on the adventure itself and enjoying each other’s company. 

Traveling in Style

RVs are available for rent and are a convenient way to see a lot more of the country while traveling in comfort. Traveling in an RV takes the planning of accommodations off the table. The only issue is being able to survive being in such tight quarters for an extended amount of time. The main idea of the trip is for them to have fun. Make a game out of the trip and send them off on a treasure hunt across the West, or text them details the morning of before they fuel up and get on the road. 

Layout the route for them with a number of pit stops for sightseeing along the way. Calculate mileage and give them reasonable amounts of time in between stops so that they can travel at a leisurely pace from destination to destination. Throw in a couple of unplanned days to give them some flexibility in their schedule. Traveling can be exhausting and it is important to have some layover days to recoup while on the road. 

Something For Everyone

Schedule in time for your kid to be a kid. Whether they are five or 17 years old, most kids will appreciate a pit stop at an amusement park, like Legoland or Disneyland, to relish in all those feel good childhood feelings with their parent. Discounted tickets are typically available online and as the trip planner you can save some money by booking them ahead of time before they embark on their adventure. 

If your husband is particularly outdoorsy, plan an epic adventure that will include some of his favorite spots. Is your husband a surfer, golfer or flyfisherman? You can book a lesson for your child while your husband spends the day doing an activity that he loves. The following day they can spend the day doing the activity together! Learning a new sport together that is challenging as surfing will help your kids build a bond and create long lasting memories. 


In this technological age, it didn’t happen if you don’t have digital proof. As an additional Father’s Day gift give him a GoPro or a selfie-stick to help document all of their impending adventure. Apps, like iMovie, can help out with making a collective video of the whole trip to keep for reliving the memories after your child is off to college. 

The value of quality time spent with your children cannot be quantified. It is priceless and highly valuable. No matter how busy life gets, taking the time to engage with your loved ones should take the highest priority in life. Giving this gift to your husband and child may make it the best Father’s Day yet. 

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W.M. Chandler

W.M. Chandler is a Colorado native and works best with her head in the clouds. She is an avid researcher and enjoys writing about unfamiliar subjects. She writes passionately about nature and the outdoors, human connections and relationships, nutrition and politics.

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