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Pinterest Updates Browser Extension To Help You Find Your Fashion Items!

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that aids the user to find and save creative ideas. Pinterest is the go-to place for any visual idea that you might need. I regularly visit the mobile application for anything from health tips to fashion to recipes for a quick bite. If you haven’t used Pinterest, you need to head over and give the tool a try. It will surely make life a lot simpler and spoil you with so many innovative ideas.

Pinterest has a growing number of users and is already used by millions to browse and save photos. Recently the tool made some changes in their functioning, which will go a long way in making Pinterest one of the leading search tools.

So, what changes have Pinterest made on their platform?

Find Items Online:

With the new change, Pinterest will allow users to look for similar items online. For instance, say you liked a pair of classy high-fashion stilettos and want to know where you can get the same or similar looking ones. All you need to do is open Pinterest in the Chrome extension and the browser tool will let you save the images that you view online. The new update enables the user to select any image online and then search similar items with the help of Pinterest.

The user needs to open the image on the website that contains it and use the Pinterest Chrome extension to look for similar images without heading to Pinterest. To search similar images, the user needs to hover over any image. The option of a magnifying glass appears beside the usual “save” button. When you click on this button you can select the image and portion of the image that you want to search and Pinterest will immediately open real time gallery containing all the related pins. You have the option to zoom any image in the same manner as on Pinterest.

Quick Tip: If you right click on the background of a web page and select the search option, you will be able to use the entire page instead of only a specific image in the webpage.

Pinterest has for a long time been the preferred place for searching high-quality images and it now wants to focus on becoming a primary search engine for images. In their endeavor to become a search engine for images, Pinterest will now enable you to see images not only in their app and website, but in different websites as well.

Find Items For Purchase:

You might have often seen a beautiful dress on a model without knowing where you can purchase a similar product. Pinterest’s co-founder Evan Sharp said that they are looking to address this issue with the recent developments on the platform. Pinterest will make use of “visual search” to help interested consumers locate products that they want to purchase, but are unaware of where to find them. These images will take the users to what they will call “buyable pins,” a collection of pins that will contain links to website that sell them.

While Pinterest is keen on the visual search idea to help consumers, they aren’t prioritizing on this immediately.

This recent update makes it very clear that Pinterest is looking to rival Google’s image search option. Given that Pinterest is slowly becoming the top search option for many users, I will not be surprised to see it beat Google one day. I am an avid Pinterest user and have developed the habit of heading to Pinterest before I start to Google about something new. Pinterest makes things simpler since it offers you written information and images at the same time and makes it easier for the user to browse through the feed.

Remove Promoted Pins:

While Instagrammers are struggling to remove sponsored ads from their photo feed, Pinterest seems to be moving away from this angle. They have made it very clear that they do not want to continue with the promoted pins option in the search results. This means that you can now use the browser extension without coming across any advertisements. Advertisements do hamper search online and I know for a fact that like me, millions of users are going to be very pleased with this change made by Pinterest. This option will interest many to download the extension.

Challenges that Pinterest might face with this new update:

1. Make Users Start Using Chrome: Chrome might be a preferred choice of browser for many, but then there are still many Pinterest and online users who aren’t keen on using Chrome. They would rather settle for another browser and Pinterest will lose out on them since they will not be able to use the feature.

2. Make People Download And Use The Pinterest Extension: Even if Pinterest manages to get users who are already using Chrome, they still have to make sure that the ones who are searching for images online use the Pinterest Chrome extension. The users cannot use this new feature without downloading and running the Pinterest extension. This can be quite a challenge, and could hinder Pinterest’s new feature.

3. Face The Wrath Of The Retailers: Will the retailers be cool about the idea that Pinterest will let users browse similar items in different websites? This can be quite a problem since the retailers might not approve of Pinterest allowing users to browse similar options instead of looking and buying the item from their own website.

Before You Go!

However, this shouldn’t be an option since the retail brands have the option of opting out of the extension. If I were Pinterest, I wouldn’t want this to happen since that would mean losing out on prospective clients. I love shoes and would love to know that Pinterest has roped in Jimmy Choo for this tool, since that would help me find similar and cheaper varieties of those fashionable pairs.

I sure am interest to find out more about this Pinterest extension. How about you?

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