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almost 3 years Los Angeles, CA, United States Story

“Live a little” -- that’s what I say. Why are so many people afraid to do things that are “out of the box?” Take fashion for example. We follow trends and look to celebrities and magazines to tell us what’s in, what’s out and what’s chic and wear what is socially acceptable. The same goes for hair. I admit that I was a victim of trends. I had the Dorothy Hamill bowl cut. I wore bows in my hair and fishnet gloves because Madonna said so (and by the way, I looked super badass). Raise your hand if you got the Jennifer Aniston “Friends” haircut. Yeah, I know.

But as an adult, shouldn’t we be able to do our own thing? I have always seen hair as an extension of fashion, meaning that if you wear the same hairstyle every single day, well, you’re living a “Groundhog Day” existence. And you know what? That’s BORING. Your hair is not just stuff that grows out of your head. It’s a creative vehicle that can show people your personality AND it’s an opportunity to have a little fun. I have friends who have had the exact same haircut and hair color for over twenty-five years. To me, that’s like wearing the same damn outfit every single day. I find it ironic that Anna Wintour is supposed to be an oracle of fashion when she has had those same tired old bangs and blunt cut since I don’t remember when. And Karl Lagerfeld? I love you. You’re a genius. But do you really need to wear the same outfit and hairstyle every single day? Puh-leaze.

You’ve probably seen the trend of people coloring their hair bright colors – if you haven’t, you must be living in Antarctica, but even there, they have the internet so you really have no excuse. It’s a trend that is everywhere and I love it. In fact, I loved it three years ago, before it was a trend. I am obsessed with pink, and therefore, try to wear it every day, and just as Marilyn Monroe said, “I love to find new places to wear diamonds,” well, I said why not do the same with the color pink?

The idea came to me when I met Susie Smith. I had signed up for the S Factor pole dance course and was nervously looking around for someone who I thought might become a friend when in walked a blonde with a big smile on her face. She was larger than life, with an ample bosom and hair down to her butt. I marveled at her luscious locks which were not only blond, but also had colors – blue, pink, dark blond, white. Her hair made you want to go up and touch it, brush it, have it for your very own, which is why I instantly nicknamed her My Pretty Pony. The interesting thing about her look is that even though she has all of these wild colors in her hair, she looks chic and sophisticated, not punk or silly or loud. “The Joker” she is not. I secretly coveted her hair and was envious of her ballsiness to wear it.

Susie and I became instant friends and she became my hairdresser as soon as I found out that her salon was a mile from my house. I also found out that all of the colors in her hair are extensions and that Susie is the extensions queen.

Months of S Factor classes and highlight sessions later, I asked Susie if I could do some pink in my hair. I was 42 years old. She put in some pink extensions and in just 20 minutes, I had a completely new look and I was instantly hooked. I still was a blond and looked like me but the pink gave me an edge, a uniqueness that I loved. I went out into the world with my pink hair and got immediate adoration from friends and family. Because I only did a few pieces, the pink hair didn’t wear me, I wore it. It was subtle, not in your face. Sure, there were some that were afraid of even a little pink hair. To them I say, “What the hell are you afraid of? Being unique?! Having fun?!”

It’s been three years since I went pink and I still get compliments almost on a daily basis. Frankly, I am amazed that people still think it’s edgy when it’s all over the magazines, on celebrities, and even at the mall. I’m even more amazed that people assume that I colored my hair pink and look at me in awe when I say, “No, it’s extensions.” Hair extensions are not new people. Hellooooo. If you live in L.A. or read People Magazine, you know that lots of people wear extensions. Why? Because they’re awesome, that’s why! There is no way I could color my hair pink without either killing my hair or having it fade pretty quickly. With extensions, there is no damage (if you’re going to a person who knows what they’re doing), and the color never fades. To me, Susie is nothing short of an artist so it’s not surprising to me that her clients come from all over the country for her expertise. What is surprising to me is how few good extensions experts are out there and how many people aren’t using this great fashion tool. To me, it’s a no-brainer. Little risk, big reward.  

Every few months, Susie redoes my extensions. We mix it up each time. Light pink, fuschia, dark pink, maybe some green, white, silver. Yesterday, she put in one piece of purple just for kicks. Why the hell not?! We live once. I let her do whatever she wants because I trust her style. As long as there is pink in there, I’m good.

Maybe people are intrigued by my pink hair because I’m not the typical poster child for it. I’m no punk rocker. My current bag is Louis Vuitton (pink of course). My hair doesn’t look punk. It goes just as well with my black leather pants as it does with a Lilly Pulitzer dress and pearls. I’ve even worn ball gowns with my pink hair and you know what? It looked great. With rainbow hair colors being more acceptable than ever, now is a great time to dip your toe in the pool of fun hair. Jump in, the water’s fine! You can do a little, like a couple strands of a subtle pink, which can cost $40 or go all out and do a whole head of red, or blue, or whatever. And, if you’re a girl who plays it safe, Susie does lots of extensions matching blonds or brunettes or using it as low-lights and highlights. Either way, your hair is fuller and more fabulous, and it’s FUN.

I probably shouldn’t share my friend’s info because I’m really enjoying being the cool one in my group with the pink hair, but hey, I’m a nice gal so I’ll let you in on my secret - If you want to check out Susie Smith’s work, go to

Either way, PLEASE have fun with your hair. Get a new cut, go for a new color. Get out of the hair rut!


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  • Ell45
    almost 3 years ago

    Okay I don't think that this is your best look , but to each her own . If you love it who cares what others think about it right . Live life without fear

    Okay I don't think that this is your best look , but to each her own . If you love it who cares what others think about it right . Live life without fear

Hi! I am a New England gal living in Los Angeles. I have over twenty years experience in public relations and marketing. I am also a published author, TV interviewer and writer for various magazines and on my blog, I love to cook and have a sarcastic sense of humor. I am [...]

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