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Perfect gifts for a 10-year old

Yes, you were a kid once and so you probably assume that you’ve got the whole gift giving for your children already planned out. However, this is not the case. Can you hear the whining of your ten-year old boy when you gave him a Thomas the train set instead of an action figure? Yeah, pretty crushing, right?

 Well, often we assume that our children or any other child that we are purchasing a gift for will like a certain thing and strangely enough, it has something to do with our feelings of nostalgia. Whilst you might sing who lives under the pineapple under the sea after “aye, aye captain” a ten-year old may not jump on that particular bandwagon.

In simpler terms, children at the age of ten are greatly impressionable, and are mainly into things that are beginning to trend. If your younger daughter didn’t ask for an Elsa or any Frozen-related merchandise, is she even a kid? 

With that being said, it’s also to be noted that although you may not share the same opinions, you still have an idea as to what your child may be into. Your son came back home telling you about his day at the football field. 

Your daughter asked you if she could dress as Moana for Halloween.  Hence, as a parent, you do have an idea about the interests of your children (even if you don’t know the specifics).

Here’s a list of the kind of gifts you could gift your ten-year olds. We wouldn’t stress if we were you. Most children that blatantly tell their parents what they want anyway. 

Fan Merchandise

You know your son liked infinity war and that Captain America is his favourite superhero. An action figure from marvel studios would put a smile on his face. Fun, small and not exactly pricey, the gift is a good bet and maybe even more. For her school presentation, your daughter presented reasons why Ariana Grande is a role-model to look up to. A signed album or apparel would be just the right gift and one she wouldn’t have expected. 

Sports and Activities

Star of the kids’ basketball team, your child would be thrilled to hear that you got those new shoes or possibly new equipment. A portable basketball hoop for when they are hanging out with their friends is the best (and most convenient) gift you could give considering it could be put on any wall, anywhere.

If you feel like your child needs a little encouragement towards going outdoors a bit more, this is also a good opportunity to do just that. Get your daughter ballet shoes and signs her up for some classes. This will be a great way to show her that you have interest in her life and want her to pursue newer things.

Board Games

Whilst many believe that board games are more of a family thing, this isn’t necessarily true. If you have more than one child, this could be the game to get your children to bond with each other. There are collections of different board games out there including but not limited to: Ludo, scrabbles, snakes and ladders, cluedo etc. 

Whether you’re still indecisive on what to give your children this season, we hope our list gave you a few ideas to ponder on (and coal is not an option, folks). 

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