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over 2 years Texas, United States Story
Overcoming the Hustle of Long Flights – Proven Tips and Tricks

Different people have different opinions about flying; some say that it is fun while others argue that it is boring, and there are those who find it frightening. However, all people agree that long-haul flights are tiring, saying the least.

However, smart travelers know how to survive long flights without dealing with much of the boredom and fatigue. You too can with these tips on how to survive long-haul flights.

1. Upgrade

It does not hurt to be confined to limited space in short flights. However, it can be maddening for long flights. As such, consider upgrading to first class or second class to enjoy more spacing and better quality services. You will have plenty of space to stretch your legs, move around, and even sleep decently in the first class.

Do not let the higher price of flying first-class put you off especially if you are a frequent flier. Instead, make the most out of your flier miles to lower the cost and get something back out of your earlier flights.

2. Carry Your Passport Wallet

You definitely do not want to begin a long flight with delays at the reception and security checks. It is very easy to misplace or lose your passports and travel documents. If this were to happen on a long flight, it would create chaos and bring confusion even before the flight begins. As such, pack your passport and travel documents in a passport wallet and keep it on your body at all times.   

3. Board While Rested

A long flight may seem the perfect opportunity to catch up on some sleep, but it is the exact opposite unless you are flying first class. Sleeping involves more than just shutting your eyes; it involves sleeping in the right position and environment to allow your body to rest. As such, leave home when you are well rested so you can handle the first few hours of the flight comfortably.

4. Stay Entertained

The mind is easily distracted and bored, especially when you realize you are stuck on a flight for over ten hours. In fact, the boredom is worse than the fatigue as it makes the situation look and feels worse. As such, it is advisable to stay entertained for much of the period to distract the mind and make the flight feel shorter.  

Be sure to carry your laptop, tablet, and iPod, including any other gadgets you may need. Listen to some music, watch a blockbuster movie, play a game, or read a book.

5. Make Friends And Move Around

A plane in flight is not the best of places to make friends, but the urge to socialize eventually takes over after several hours of flying. Many people are shy about reaching out, but it is very helpful; besides, you never know what a casual conversation could eventually lead to. As such, do not be shy and reach out to your neighbor with something interesting. You will both find that the hours feel much shorter than when flying in silence.

You will also need to stretch your legs and back to relieve the cramps. As such, make excuses to move around the plane at least three times throughout the flight.

6. Beware Of The Munchies

The fatigue associated with long flights is undesirable, but couple it with hunger, and it becomes unbearable. Many flights include meals for long-haul flights, but albeit the food may be delicious, it is often not satisfying. What’s more, there may be delays in the feeding schedule.

As such, it helps to carry some snacks and beverages to counter the munchies when they kick in. After all, delicious snacks work miracles for your mood and hence will help in surviving a long flight.  

7. Travel Light

Long flights are tiring enough without the trouble of carrying heavy bags. Heavy luggage makes it cumbersome to board the flight and pose a challenge when boarding especially considering the fatigue.

As such, pack efficiently and travel as light as you possibly can. Ditch your everyday suitcase for a packing cube for efficient packing. Packing cubes are designed to divide the luggage and utilize as much space as possible. And, unlike everyday suitcases, they come in a diverse array of shapes and designs to reflect your style.

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