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Tiffany Pham
Tiffany Pham Founder & CEO, Mogul
over 1 year New York, NY, USA Story
November Launch Announcement: "Safety @ Work" To Revolutionize the Workplace & Help Make Women Feel Safe at Work Again


In response to the October & November sexual assault allegations arising across industries from Tech to VC to Entertainment to Advertising, our team at Mogul was flooded with requests for help and support. We realized we were in a unique position to address this issue.

As a trusted platform for millions of women worldwide, with global scale and reach, as well as historic partnerships with thousands of HR Leaders across the Fortune 1000 and top organizations worldwide, we have launched a new transformational tool called: Safety @ Work.

Developed by our Mogul @ Work division in collaboration with top VC funds, Safety @ Work enables employees of participating companies to log in and anonymously report incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault to multiple HR leaders and stakeholders at one time.

1 in 2 women will be sexually harassed in the workplace; yet only 1 in 4 will report it. Safety @ Work's anonymity functionality largely addresses the issues that lead to under-reporting, including fear of retaliation (which are not unfounded according to research studies), reports going unaddressed, lack of awareness of where and how to report it, as well as allowing bystanders to report what they witness.

If you are a CEO, VC, or HR Leader interested in joining our Safety @ Work network, please message the brilliant minds behind this transformational tool: Natasha Birnbaum (natasha @, David Pham (david @, Allie Mullen (allie @, David Friedman (david.friedman @ , or Virginia Dickens (virginia @ Or email us at [email protected]

We hope that, with this global start, the number of incidents that go unreported will dwindle, and women and men both will begin to feel safe at work again.

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Tiffany Pham
Founder & CEO, Mogul

Forbes 30 Under 30. Business Insider 30 Under 30. Elle Magazine 30 Under 30. Tech Executive. Film Producer. Book author. Arts philanthropist.

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Moguls Interested in Sexual Assault Survivors

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