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Pihu Yadav
Pihu Yadav I Like To Think
6mo Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India Story
Nights and Lies

I stand there
On the balcony
Staring into oblivion
With a cigarette
In my right hand
And pain in my chest
I wonder if this is enough,
If I am enough
I stand there and wonder
If I’m onto the right path
If this is what
I should be doing
As the dark of the night
Blurs into my eyes
And through my brain
My hands tremble
With my racing heart
I tell myself ‘it’s okay’
When it’s really not
My chest starts
To grow heavier
And my mind lighter
Like a dead leaf
In the ocean, I float
In search of land
To rest in peace
I float mindlessly
Through all seasons
Through night and day
But I’m still there
On my balcony
With my eyes closed
And a cigarette
In my right hand
As I calm down
My racing heart
I tell myself a lie
A lie, I’ve been
Telling forever
That one day
Everything will be okay

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Pihu Yadav
I Like To Think

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