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Gabby Morbitzer
Gabby Morbitzer Boss Babe
2mo Story
new york and me.

i woke up

in new york

and i dont just mean i spent the night.

i dont just mean i slept over.

i dont just mean

my dreams

were seen


what i mean is

i had an awakening.

this time new york feels less like a lazy lover.

feels less like im crazy over

a night or two of wild sex.

i feel less hazy

this time

it doesnt feel like ive had one too many drinks.

maybe i had been sleepwalking

instead of living.

maybe i have had mere moments of illumination.

quick flickers

of light

along the path.

illusive peaks of conscious being.

enigmatic valleys

depth of feeling.

and flatlines.

numbing my heart by

moving my body

into crooked corners

where i aimed

to remain


new york,

you remind me of

the deepest love

I’ve ever known.

one I’ve breathed

into lungs

blackened by smoke

that i provoked

from a pile

of dry memories.

made brittle by pain

nearly dust


of any indication

that i was once vibrant and alive.

in the same past that

decayed my vitality

that summoned me

into a deep sleep.

that stunned the harmless beast

inside of me.

that sent me

into hibernation.

you have freed me

after a long, bitter winter.

you have transformed me

from just a dreamer

into one who

seeks truth

and bathes in occasional ecstasy

and walks among zombies unafraid

and bares chest and heart and soul

to those who haven’t woke

and expands in all directions





bound to nothing.


from the reality

that kept my feet solidly

rooted in mud.

seemingly unmoving

but somehow still spinning


out of control.

perhaps it was the swift

winds that chapped my

sweet lips

longing for lust.

or any emotionless

acts of physicality.

craving affection

somewhat secretly


whatever I didn’t feel worthy

to receive.

desiring intimate moments to call my own

hungry for connection and levity and light

and long languid kisses in the middle of the night

blinking sleep away to see

this face

craddled beneath me


in the moonlight.


with tangible evidence

that there’s love

between us.

this is who new york is to me.

new york is the climax of a great adventure.

so many winding roads led me back to where I belonged all along.

the place where I was always held.

where I was loved.

where I was free.

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1 comment

  • Bethany Heinrich
    Bethany Heinrich Mogul Influencer
    2mo ago

    New York represents so many chapters in life and so many phases we all go through. I love this @Gabby Morbitzer. Thank you!

    New York represents so many chapters in life and so many phases we all go through. I love this @Gabby Morbitzer. Thank you!

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Report this post
Gabby Morbitzer
Boss Babe

My beating heart marched me right to New York City. These are my stories, in the form of poetry.

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