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Navigating Love

Love is difficult because we make it so. 

We ask for advice, or seek it on the internet to determine how to reroute our love lives to a place of perfection. We go left and it doesn’t pan out the way we wanted, so we hurriedly backtrack and go right. But we miss the point altogether by doing this. 

Love isn’t a predetermined path where you “lose” if you miss the wrong turn or don’t swerve out of the way fast enough to miss the car next to you. It’s having the mindset of an adventurer and explorer, which many of us seem to have lost.

Think of it like this-when our parents were young they didn’t have the luxury of Google Maps to navigate them every which way. Sure, they could use a paper map to generally figure out how to get somewhere, but really it all boiled down to instinct. If you took the wrong turn, you’d end up where you needed to be by paying attention to the signs around you.

Nowadays we’re so reliant on our phones to navigate, we don’t even glance up to see what’s around us. We don’t need to pay too much attention, because we know taking the wrong turn will just lead to continuous rerouting until we get to the right place. We’re going through all the functions but not really paying attention to our surroundings.

The same could be said of our love lives.

Our parents and grandparents had seemingly easier love lives than us because they paid attention. They took the cues, read the signs, and know when to move forward and when to backtrack altogether and pave the way toward a new destination.

Today, we’re so focused on one singular destination, and making it work with one person in particular that we ignore the signs. The signs so clearly telling us it’s time to start a new journey-this just isn’t the one for you. We look to our fellow twenty-somethings to navigate our love lives for us. Tell us how to act, who to be, what astrological sign to chase after, and which to avoid. We’re on information overload, which leads to overanalyzing and overthinking our circumstances. If we cleared away the clutter in our minds, it would all become evident that this is not the path for us. When road blocks keep occurring, trust that there’s a reason why.

Learn to enjoy living in the unknown-you don’t need a map to navigate your way through love and life.

Explorers wander into the depths of jungles, the deepest of seas, and cross faraway lands not knowing what awaits them. They don’t trek across vast terrains in search of one particular destination, rather they’re in search of journeys. When you stop navigating and let your mind, soul, and body lead the way, that’s when the magic happens. You discover hidden gems that few see in their lifetime. All because you relinquished control over the unknown.

Perhaps it’s time we took a step back and listened. Listened to ourselves for a change, instead of what everyone else is telling us to do. Stop letting others navigate our twists and turns. Maybe then we might finally reach that serendipitous destination. The one far better than we could have ever planned or envisioned.

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