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Allison Hamilton-Rohe
Allison Hamilton-Rohe Founder and CEO, DailyOutfit
8mo Amsterdam, Netherlands Story
Loving My Work #ThisIsLove

What does love look like?

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how much I love my work.  In this time of resistance and social upheaval, I've been wondering whether I'm putting my talents to use in the best possible way and whether I truly am making the world a better place.

To answer, the question, I took a deep look at my three why's for being in business and realized that YES -- what I do helps women move forward, expand their vision and create more value.  The personal is political.

I am a Personal Style Coach and I help women define their beauty and translate it into a personal style they can inhabit with ease.

It may seem strange to talk about work on Valentine's Day, but for me, the fruit of my labor is a transformed woman, ready to step into her power.  I specifically call for women who are ambitious, accomplished and ready to ascend to the next phase in her life.

There is no doubt this is a position of privlege and what I do is an investment of time, energy and resource that many women do not have.  I cannot deny that in creating a business around personal style, I have opened myself up to the possibility that some may forever deem my work frivolous and silly.

However, I have seen this work perform miracles on smart, sophisticated women who were hiding their light and now have the confidence to step forward, get visible and finally allow their full selves to shine.  There is nothing frivolous about that.

In fact, my theme song for this year is Warpaint's, "You're a New Song" precisely because I love the experience of seeing each women anew and allowing her to explore, discover and co-create her image of herself anew.

Carol Dweck's work tells us that 40% of your happiness comes from how you see yourself.  I can tell you at least 40% of my happiness comes from witnessing the women I work with come to love themselves anew. #ThisIsLove

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Allison Hamilton-Rohe
Founder and CEO, DailyOutfit

I help you define what makes you AMAZING and translate it into your PERSONAL STYLE. Coach ✽ Speaker ✽ Author-to-Be

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