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Cátia Brezolin
over 2 years Story
My Life With Taylor Swift

Sometimes I catch myself thinking in all that happened, all we've been through, and I cry. It's strange how a person I never met means so much to me. In all this years we growed up, changed, made mistakes together. We've been through a lot. Life isn't being easy, but in the end of the day, I have you.
It hurts me when somebory hurts you. Every time I see people hating on you I feel so bad. I feel like my hands are tied. I wish I could reply every hate message, every lie, show them who you truly are. But I can't. Haters gonna hate.
All this years there were so many difficult moments. The world decided to try to put you down. But you are SO strong.
When I first heard BS I cried in the firsts times. Because I knew there was pain behind all that beats and sassy lyrics.
But then, suddenly, It seemed like the world had figured out how stupid was hating on you. But for a short time. It didn't take much time for them to start throwing bricks at you again. Every single thing about your life was questioned. Even your friendships. The world riquired more than you could (or wanted) to give.
I watched the world call you snake, fake, bitch... and it hurt. It hurts as much as hurt me years ago, when I started to listen to your music and used it as a scape from my world. Which was pointing the finger to me. I wanted to die. But when I thought there weren't reasons to live, you showed me that they were wrong. And what I should do was be myself. And I'm SO thankful for that. My life became brighter, I don't care about their voices as much as I used to do. Since you showed up, it's being easier.
Now you're 27. At the top of the world. So many things has changed. Your music. Your style. Your way to live your life. And me? I'm still here. Watching. Supporting. Learning. And cheering. And I know that it's here where I'm always gonna be. Even if nobory understands. Thanks to you, I don't need their approval or support anymore. Cause you understand me.
I'm here for you, cause you're here for me.
And I'm sure that the world is a better place because of you. Maybe not all the world. But my world. And a lot of other people's worlds.

Love you Tay!


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    over 2 years ago



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