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over 2 years Story
My letter to Taylor

Dear Taylor,

My name is Madeleine. I've been a swiftie since Red era. The first time I heard your music was at Girl Scout camp the summer before 2nd grade. Everyone was singing Love Story and I pretended to know the words to it even though I had never heard it before. It was an awesome song even in 2nd grade when I didn't listen to very much music. I didn't know very many of your songs until Red came out when I was in 5th grade. That's when I can say that I officially became a swiftie. My best friend and I would sing your songs at recess every day. Our favorite songs were Love Story and You Belong With Me and 22. My friend and I didn't get to go to the Red tour but I really WISH WE WOULD have. After 5th grade my friend moved away and I didn't have anyone to sing your songs with anymore. But that didn't stop me from becoming an even bigger Swiftie. When 1989 came out in 7th grade, I preordered the album on my iPod as soon as I could. I couldn't stop listening to the album when it came out. I think I really annoyed my brother because I was listening to your music so much. I even turned one of my friends into a swiftie by talking about you so much. We are planning on going to a concert together on your next tour and I am currently trying to convince her to get a tumblr.

I started my swiftie tumblr account right after 1989 came out. I've been on tumblr for most of the big events and concerts that I haven't been able to attend. For some of them I even hit my post limit. My tumblr is @we-found-wonderland1989. If you read this can you check it out? Also THANK YOU for coming back on tumblr. When you stopped liking and reblogging stuff lots of people left tumblr and only came back when you were on tumblr. Thanks for coming back and bringing all those people back with you.

On June 9th I finally went to my first concert. I went to Raleigh, NC with my mom and had the time of my life (WITH YOU). I've never met you but I really want to meet you in the next era. Yesterday (January 18) was my 15th birthday. I listened to Fifteen all day and I’m going to listen to it a lot more this week. I think it's great advice for anyone who’s fifteen.

Thank you for giving us your music. It has helped me get through so much and has even kept me from crying a few times. At the moment, my favorite song is Out of the Woods, but that changes almost weekly. I love the tour version of that song and try to sing the tour part whenever I'm listening to the regular song. I'm not very good at singing but I think shouting to your music whenever I hear it helps. I also really like You Are In Love because it has awesome lyrics. I loved the echo part that you did on the tour for that song. It was really cool hearing all the fans scream the lyrics to that song even louder than they normally do.

I really wish that I got tickets to your Super Bowl concert. But I didn't win the contest and I'm not 18 yet. Even though I wasn’t there, I know it was awesome. I really liked that you played Better Man, All Too Well, and This Is What You Came For acoustic. I’ve seen videos of them and I absolutely LOVED those songs. I was on tumblr during the concert and the AT&T livestream. I think people were a little upset that it wasn’t an album release but now the whole flower wall thing has kind of become a joke. Don’t feel bad about not releasing anything though because it’s your music and your break and you can do whatever you want.

I just got some new merch and keds. I got three pairs of keds because they were so discounted. I absolutely LOVE them. I also got some new shirts and two hoodies. I wear them so much that sometimes my mom tells me that I need to stop wearing them and wear something else. I think I have enough of your shirts to wear for a month straight if we did laundry every week or two. I also got the 1989 tour book. I really like all the pictures of your tour. I wish there were more pictures of You Are In Love because that is one of my favorite songs. But otherwise, I love it. I got your 1989 guitar picks because I am trying to learn guitar, mainly to play some of your songs. I’m not very good yet but I’m learning.

I'm usually a VERY quiet person. I only really have two good friends that go to my school. You’re the only thing that I'm even semi-loud about at school. Sometimes I wish I was a loud person so that I've have more friends. But that's not who I am. In middle school my “friends” wanted me to be louder and to be a different person. You really helped me through that time in my life. You taught me that I'm not the opinion of someone who doesn't know me. Thank you for that. Most people at school just think I'm the weird, too quiet girl that likes you way too much. That's probably because I wear your T-shirts almost every day. But that's not going to stop me from wearing them even more.

Thank you for making music that I can listen to when I'm sad (and feeling basically any emotion ever) and thank you for being so connected with your fans. Thank you for writing the clean speech. I listen to it whenever I'm sad and it really helps me. It's really inspiring to me and helps me when people say mean things about me.

Even though I'm writing this in January I think this will be delivered on Valentine’s Day so Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you release new music soon. Whatever you release for TS6 will be COMPLETELY AWESOME. (I’m not pressuring you to release anything soon because this is your break so honestly, you can do what you want.) I hope Meredith and Olivia are doing well. I love seeing photos and videos of them. Okay I know this has been really long but thank you for being a part of my life and making my life so much better. I really hope you read this and it won't become a letter that you never read (FROM THREE SUMMERS BACK). And if no one tells you this on Valentine's Day, remember that you’re beautiful (EVERY LITTLE PIECE LOVE). Please follow my tumblr. I hope I actually get to meet you in person on the next tour! Bye! <13


Madeleine (we_found_wonderland1989 on tumblr)

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