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Sophie Dippolito
Sophie Dippolito President of Mogul at Umiami
over 2 years New York, NY, United States Story
My Favorite Cities in the US

I love to travel in and outside of the country but I decided to think about my favorite cities in the United States! Comment and tell me yours!!

1. New York City, NY:

Growing up in New York, (outside of the city) going to the city was always so fun and exciting. To this day, I love making day trips and I even have an internship in the city now! Every time I make the trip to NYC, I see something fun and new; you can never go too many times! I don't know if I can choose one favorite thing, but I'll say Central Park and SoHo are definitely two of my favorite places to go explore.

Central Park


2. Los Angeles, CA:

From when I was little, I told everybody I wanted to live in California before I even knew where California was! My first trip to California I was 12 years old and I really fell in love. I thought it was the most amazing place ever. To this day I'm still not sure what it is but I love LA and part of me still wants to live there one day! My favorite things in LA were probably the breathtaking views from Griffith Observatory and visiting the set of FRIENDS and getting to sit on the Central Perk couch!!

A blurry view from Griffith Observatory

Me on FRIENDS couch!!!! (I was 12)

3. Miami, FL:

This was a newfound love for me.. This past year I started at the University of Miami, which is in Coral Gables, outside of the city. Making trips to South Beach whether it be for the beach, dinner, or going out, was always fun and surprising! I love the fact that its a city literally on the beach. Such a cool combo of two totally different environments and never fails to disappoint. One of my favorite thing about this city is definitely just visiting the beach or staying at the Fontainebleau Hotel with my lovely roommate, so beautiful!!

Views from the Fontainebleau Hotel

Driving towards South Beach

4. Boston, MA:

This city I was exposed to at age 11 when I needed a special procedure done and the best doctor we could find was in Boston! This was my first time in Boston and I thought it was super cool from the start. You'd think an 11 year old girl going into a procedure wouldn't be very excited but I was ecstatic every time I got to go to Boston for consultation or procedures just because I loved the city itself! I don't remember much but I'd say my favorite thing about Boston was just adventuring through the streets and trying lots of amazing food! 

I can't find any pics :(

5. Seattle, WA

My one experience in Seattle was when I went on a cruise to Alaska. We took off in Seattle so we spent a few nights there beforehand. I was looking forward to the cruise and to Alaska so much that I didn't even think about how cool the city of Seattle was! How much I liked Seattle was a very pleasant surprise! It was more artsy and different and than any other city and I loved how it was right on the water. I'd have to say my favorite thing about it was getting to see the first Starbucks (basic i know) and going to the top of the Space Needle, such amazing views!

Views from the Space Needle

First ever Starbucks

All pictures taken by me!

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Sophie Dippolito
President of Mogul at Umiami

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