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Jenny Gray
8mo Ithaca, NY, United States Story
My Favorite Apps (Including Some Useful Ones You Might Want to Download...)

As a Millenial, it's not surprising that I spend a lot of time on my phone. As a college student, that can be a problem. So much technology at my fingertips can be very distracting. That being said, technology can be very useful too. Here are some of my favorite apps:

1. Instagram

Instagram is by far my favorite app. I check my feed multiple times a day (One could say I'm a bit *obsessed*). I love the new 'Save' feature which allows to you create a mood board of ideas and things to check up on later.  The app can be a great place to gain inspiration and discover new restaurants, shops, beauty trends and products. 

2. Poshmark

I use Poshmark to buy and sell used clothing (with decent success!) Basically, you create an account and upload pictures/descriptions of clothing, shoes, or beauty items you'd like to sell. When someone buys your items, Poshmark takes a seller's fee and emails you a printable shipping label. All you have to do it pack it up and mail it - and ta-da, you make some $$. The selection of items is great (with tons of on-trend and designer items) and a lot cheaper than retail price. Usually, when I make a purchase it comes in only a few days!

3. Mint

Mint is a budgeting app that connects to your debit/credit card account to track your purchasing and allow you to manage your spending. It creates weekly summaries of your spending habits and helps you see areas you might want to save in. 

4. Spring 

I love shopping and Spring's huge selection and attractive mobile interface make it easy on me (and my wallet) when I want some retail therapy. They offer a curated variety of lifestyle brands including everything from Urban Outfitter's to Aesop to Michael Kors and Mango. They have frequent sales/deals and are guaranteed to make you a *cooler* shopper.

5. Starbucks

As a college student, caffeine is a part of my daily routine. The Starbucks app allows me to pay seamlessly through mobile, gain 'Star Rewards,' access cool free apps and check out coffee shop playlists.

6. Spotify

The Spotify app is great when paired with the student membership ($4.99/month), letting me stream millions of songs ad-free. You can choose to stream songs through wifi or data or you can download them onto your device. This makes freeing up storage space a breeze!

7. Stash Invest

Stash makes investing easy. It's never too early to start managing your finances and looking into making money through investments. Stash gives you the tools to choose for yourself and tips based on your preferences. 

8. Bitmoji

Okay, so who doesn't want a funny little cartoon version of themselves??  I have so much fun sending reaction emojis to my friends - that actually look like me. The app adds fun seasonal and pop culture related updates so you can stay on-trend. Bitmoji also can be connected to Snapchat for even more fun. 

What are some of your favorite apps? Have any apps made your life easier?

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1 comment

  • Michelle Wen
    Michelle Wen President of Mogul at Cornell
    8mo ago

    I'll definetly have to check out Spring for some new spring fashion finds :)

    I'll definetly have to check out Spring for some new spring fashion finds :)

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Report this post

I'm a student at Cornell University studying Urban and Regional Studies. I love bagels with lox, Dolly Parton, and my hometown: Chicago

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